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This is an action letter to Local and State Officials of Salem, MA.  

Spring Pond Woods is divided by private, non-profit and public parcels.  It is enjoyed as a place of recreation, and is a wildlife habitat.  Part of the area is slated for development. The area north of Highland Ave in Salem, east of Spring Pond and west of Marlborough Road is on the turn of immediate threat.  A residential development is blasting the wooded hills near Marlborough Road, and there is a scheme for a proposed Retail center with an expanded Wal-Mart and expanded Meineke, and water tower to clear the woods, blast the hills and cause irrepairable environmental damage.  The retail center is proposed near an existing Wal-mart, on the summit of one of the hills, upland from Spring Pond.  These pristine wooded and wetland areas have Native American history, and are part of an important regional wildlife cooridor.  Camp Fire which programs support 1000± children, could be displaced.   There are several potential vernal pools and the woods is an important habitat for species of special concern.  These woods are a limited resource between populated cities.  The wildlife corridor is being slowly carved away, which some fear the ocean side sanctuaries will become isolated.

The Lynn Lions who organized Camp Lion and own the non-profit open space, was granted the land from Elizabeth Trumbull and the City of Salem.  In the Articles of Declaration and mission statement for this non-profit, the wild woodland shall be maintained and preserved as a campground.  However today, Camp Lion has looked the other way from it's mission and is selling the land for the construction to big box stores.

Please encourage law makers to adopt the PUBLIC LANDS PRESERVATION ACT and MASSACHUSETTS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT of Massachusetts, to protect the wetlands and follow through with the Salem Open Space and Recreation Plan to preserve these areas.  A parcel of the land belongs to the City of Salem, and is being transferred to the retailer.  4 wooded acres of Salem's parcel will become a Lowe's parking lot and access way.  Further land is released to the Dibiasi subdivision.

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2nd Action Letter: To Camp Lion


Letter to
Mayor of Salem Kimberley Driscoll
Massachusetts State Senate
Massachusetts State House
and 10 others
Salem Councillor At Large Arthur C. Sargent, III
State Representative John D. Keenan
Senator Fred Barry
Salem Councillor, Ward 4 Jerry L. Ryan
Salem Councillor At Large Joan B. Lovely
Salem Councillor At Large Steven A. Pinto
Salem Council President Robert K. McCarthy
Department of Planning and Community Developme Danielle McKnight
Conservation Commission of the City of Salem
Massachusetts Governor
I am writing you in request to support the Environmental Bond 'House 4909', An Act Providing for the Preservation and Improvement of the Environment Assets of the Commonwealth, and to please stop and prevent future irreparable environmental damages caused to the wooded and wetland areas of Spring Pond Woods in Salem, Massachusetts.

I urge you to implement THE CITY OF SALEM OPEN SPACE AND RECREATIONAL PLAN UPDATE: 2007-2012, where by these wetland and wooded areas stated to protect are under immediate threat. I urge you to encourage Environmental Protection of Municipal or Non-profit Open Space.

I urge you to adopt the PUBLIC LANDS PRESERVATION ACT and MASSACHUSETTS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT of Massachusetts for the public wooded 4 acres parcel which is proposed to become part of a retail center transaction along with expanding Wal-mart by the Kennedy Development Group. And I urge you to not allow the transfer of land to the Dibiasi Subdivision.

Under The General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 266, Section 116A, Protection of Certain Flowers, I urge you to protect the vast area of Lady's Slippers which are threatened by future development.

Under Chapter 91: The Massachusetts Waterfront Act, I urge you to protect the waterways connecting to Spring Pond of wetlands, surface water protection areas, potential and certified vernal pools, and keep these areas free from further development and discharge into these waterways.

Under the '1000 Great Places in Massachusetts' list, an Act of the Legislature, I urge to you to preserve Spring Pond Woods of Salem, as part with Lynn and Peabody.

I urge you to preserve the landscapes and arboretum of heritage, which contain archeological resources.

I urge you to protect this wildlife habitat and important regional wildlife corridor, and to sustain natural waterfalls.

I urge you to acknowledge Camp Lion's Articles of Declaration filed with the Secretary of State in Massachusetts, which states to maintain a wild woodland and camp ground for children, and to urge the board of Camp Lion to preserve the land.

I urge you to be philanthropical and protect the value and quality of life of the nearby residents of Salem, and surrounding towns, which will be negatively impacted by developments which threaten to destroy the woods which balance the microclimate. Recreational areas will be lost, traffic congestion will increase along with air pollution and noise. Flooding hazards will increase to the already problematic areas, and structural damage will likely occur to nearby foundations.

I urge you to protect these limited environmental, recreational, historic and archaeologic resources which remain standing within the corridor of populated communities.

Thank you,