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Save the wolves! Stop Aerial wolf hunting and ALL the others!

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"Hunting and trapping have already annihilated more than 7,000 wolves between 1996 and 2002 - and possibly even twice that number if unreported harvests are accounted for. Nearly 7,500 wolves have been killed in just the past five years!"

That was about eight years ago, now there are not so many grey wolves left standing. I've been told there were 42, but told that in a state or so they have started to save some of them, leaveing the numbers to go up higer. Though I cannot say how many there really are left, even if their are more then a thousand left, 7,000 wolves being killed in so few years, they will be gone before you would know it. They are at their last fight for survivle. If we do not do something now, all the Grey wolves will be GONE. and when one of the most COMMON wolf breeds are gone... the rest will follow in its place. The howl of the wild is dying every day.

"1957 and NOW! An alpha female had nine pups inside of her ready to be born but she got no sympathy from Alaska's aerial hunters. Already shot at least twice, she was finished off by a third gunman as she struggled to stand in the snow." These people have no hearts at all! They do not give a damn if these wolves get whiped off the face of the earth! We have to put a stop to this before its to late!

In May 2009, hundreds of gray wolves in the Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies lost their protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Without these life-saving protections, more than 1,000 wolves could be killed in states like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.
" Meanwhile in Alaska, over 1,000 wolves have been slaughtered from the skies through the brutal practice of aerial hunting. . With the Alaska Board of Game continuing to allow the unscientific and unnecessary practice of aerial wolf killing, this could be another bloody year for Alaska's wolves."

When your parents tell you "Oh, well, the wolves are going to be fine, they need to kill them to keep the human race safe and keep all the food we eat safe." you need to think, there are only so many left- one of the most COMMON wolves left, something is wrong.

Get your FRIENDS, FAMILY, TEACHERS, CLASS MATES,  everyone to sign this petition if we are going to save the wolves, we CAN make a difference if we unite and become ONE. Lets do what we have to and make a CHANGE.


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