Save the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project

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Doug Ford's government announced today that the Ontario basic income pilot project, which was intended to last for three years, is being cancelled prematurely.

This is devastating news for the low-income participants who are currently receiving benefits from the pilot, as well as those who worked hard to design and implement it. The pilot was already producing dramatic results for people like Dave Cherkewski of Hamilton, Ont. (pictured here), who said it was making an immeasurable difference in his life.

"I'm in shock," he told CBC News. "I had a three-year plan and now it's gone."

Throughout the campaign, Ford repeatedly promised not to cancel the program, and now he's gone back on his word, depriving 4,000 Ontarians of the income they desperately need just to stay above the poverty line. 

Tell the Ford government to keep their promise and allow the Ontario basic income pilot to continue. The people of Ontario deserve to hear the results of a completed, three-year experiment, and the participants deserve what they were promised.