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Save the lives of innocent cats and dogs in Idaho from being used as live wolf bait!

The Idaho Senate is currently considering passing S.B. 1305, which allows ranchers to use forms of "live bait"- including innocent cats and dogs!- to draw in wolves to kill. Putting dogs and cats through this kind of stress has severe psychological impacts, and the stress of being used as bait can even result in the death of dogs and cats. 

This bill also allows aerial gunning from powered parachutes and ultralight airplanes, as well as bowhunting- methods known to frequently leave animals maimed!

Despite my multiple e-mails to my district's senators and other Idaho state senators, this bill has still passed committee and is now being deliberated by the full senate. The Idaho Senate simply doesn't want to face the music and admit that this bill is nothing more than animal cruelty. The war on wolves in Idaho has gone far enough.

Sign this petition and tell the Idaho Senate that enough is enough- wolves deserve to live, and so do innocent cats and dogs!

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