Save the environmentally friendly Malop Street Green Spine Project that’s due reversal.

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I saw in the local news that the infrastructure on Malop street around the Green Spine Project was considered to be causing congestion and frustrating drivers as they pass through.

The Green Spine Project is Malop Street. It runs east to west in between Moorabool and Yarra Streets.

I understand Geelong Council would prefer to have car parking spaces along this eco friendly zone but don’t want to impinge on the project.

I love how Malop Street has been set up. It’s very welcoming, soft and a pleasure to walk through with all the trees etc. The council wants to put back a row of car spaces along this section, remove the cycle lane and reinstall a u turn facility. This will cost $2 million. The State Government that initially supported the Green Spine Project is as disappointed and angry  as I am and have made comments about wasting money that it could freeze future funding for Geelong. This would be terrible for the Geelong community. It will be detrimental to improving our community for a bright future. 

With this in mind I believe we can be proactive instead to make the most of the Green Spine and improve it in an environmentally sustainable way for the whole community to enjoy. I would like to propose some ideas and benefits for this petition:

I think this stretch of road should be made more pedestrian friendly. The road could be closed off to vehicles and made into a complete pedestrian area that allows cafes to set up seating and dining tables, play areas, market stalls, meeting points and other family/pedestrian friendly zones within this section.  Not only would it look fantastic, it would encourage people into the centre of Geelong. That would be great for retailers and consumers alike. I’m sure it would encourage retail business growth as well.

As far as traffic is concerned, I think closing this small section of road to vehicles won’t be so bad. There are plenty of roads around Malop St that can be driven through.  It’s just a case of drivers getting used to not driving up Malop St but to go around instead. For sacrificing a few parking spaces I think we can gain so much from a pedestrianised section of Malop street to improve Geelong business growth and pleasure for consumers.

Please sign this petition to state “no” to ripping up Malop Street at the cost of $2 million for the sake of vehicles being caught in congestion and the council not thinking proactively.

It is crazy to me that Geelong Council can make a decision to rip up Malop Street Green Spine Project based on a vote of 11 people (6v5 in favor) and create a cost of $2 million. This decision should be a community one. Not a decision of 11. They are encouraging a freeze of funds from State Government to the detriment of Geelong and it can see our community suffer because of a small majority vote. Our community may decline if we don’t have funding. Their decision in my opinion is not proactive or community friendly. It is detrimental.

Losing the cycle lanes is not sustainable living or eco friendly in anyway when we are all thinking about climate change etc.  Clearly Geelong Council is not thinking about this and I think this is irresponsible. I’m actually very upset they have chosen this path. 

Geelong Council, Please, please reconsider. This decision needs to be overturned. Only we can make this happen.

I want Geelong to thrive.

Let’s take control. If you agree, please join me in signing this petition. I’m just a mum with a young family who is passionate about Geelong. So please if you would like to say “no” to reinstating a few car spaces, “no” to ripping up the cycle lane, “no” to the u turn facility and/or “yes” to possibly taking a proactive approach to improving Geelong instead, please sign this petition.

As I mentioned before, I’m just a mum. I don’t have dollars to advertise this petition to the far reaching I’d hope for, so please help me spread the word by posting this petition to your friends and family. I’d be massively grateful. Thank you


Anne Lane