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The Endangered Species Act needs to put itself on the list, as the Bush Administration has the law in its cross-hairs.

In an exit-act that was sadly predictable, the administration is working on gutting the law thats helped keep, of all things, our national bird (the Bald Eagle), from vanishing altogether.

The administration would like to give states veto power over reintroduction programs. This would allow states, not professionals or authorities, to decide how to preserve endangered animal populations.

Let's not strip the integrity of the Endangered Species Act, a law that has been keeping endangered species alive and protected for over 30 years. Tell Congress and the President how you feel.

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U.S. House of Representatives
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President of the United States
The Endangered Species Act has provided critical protections for our nation's wildlife and the ecosystems upon which they depend for more than 30 years. Very recently, the Act was lauded for its role in the recovery of the bald eagle, the quintessential symbol of the American spirit. The Endangered Species Act has been highly effective in protecting listed species from extinction.

By allowing states to veto species reintroduction programs, while also doing away with the requirement to recover species, undermines the Endangered Species Act in total. These changes will put sensitive species at great risk. From now into the future, conservation must be valued and not thrown aside for short-term gain.

The Act was designed to protect extremely vulnerable species from extinction due to human-related activities. By changing the nation's endangered species policies in favor of development, the heart of the Act will be ripped out - pushing venerable and endangered species closer to extinction.

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