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The historic CATO MANOR INDIAN CEMETERY AND CREMATORIUM was established circa 1900 by the early Indian Settlers in that area.

Fast forward to 2017, the cemetery and crematorium are a far cry from their original splendour. Due to mismanagement by the trustees of the cemetery, the old graves have been desecrated through the infilling of sand and rubble, and is now a thriving freight container depot run by SECONA FREIGHT LOGISTICS cc.

Environmental and Town Planning laws have been flouted and the once proud history of the Indian folk of Cato Manor is under threat.

Help Save this Historic Site by compelling the Trustees of the Cemetery Association to remove the Freight Container Business and rehabilitate the cemetery and crematorium and preserve it as a historical site.

Help Save the Cato Manor Indian Cemetery & Crematorium by forcing the government authorities to take enforcement action against the transgressors and bring this historic site back to its original splendour.

We cannot allow our once proud history and culture to disappear.

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