Save Pippi Point Dog Park from closure

Save Pippi Point Dog Park from closure

3 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Johny Row

Our beloved off leash dog park at Illoura Reserve in Davistown is under threat. Unless we take action on this and come together as a community council plans to close it in the very near future.

Please sign this petition to let the council know how much this dog park means to the community and that we want to keep it as an off leash area.

Update September 2023:


Council now plan on taking away beach access at Pippi Point not just for dogs but for people too and we need donations to help fight this.




Council plan on installing a fence which which will cut the dog park in half and deny access to the much loved beach. We strongly oppose the boundary changes at Pippi Point as we believe they are designed to fail. The reduction in size will lead to more noise for neighbors as the dogs will now be right outside their properties as opposed to being spread out all over the area. There will be an increase in wear and tear on the ground surface, there will likely be more fights between dogs as they are confined to a smaller space, and the proposed fence also puts dogs nearer to the wading birds mentioned in the latest environmental report. We believe there are a variety of conflicts of interest with the current environmental report, a denial of procedural fairness and it is not akin to a part 5 comprehensive environmental assessment.


The newly proposed OLA at Memorial Park is unsuitable. It is situated on the busiest main road in Davistown and is unfenced. The proposed ‘partial fence’ will not mitigate the significant safety risks of this location. Memorial Park is often full of a variety of wading birds as it floods. It is also used by sporting teams and children throughout the year (when not under water). If we accept Memorial Park it will make it a lot easier for Council to take away Pippi Point in the future.


If you are against this please contact Council via their submission form here:




The only thing which will change Councils mind is if we get some legal representation and a new independent environmental report. To do so we need donations, you can donate via this gofundme link here:




If you want to do more you can contact your local member via the emails


Also consider writing to the ombudsman here:


and the Minister for local government here:


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”


More info below:


Central Coast Council’s new Dogs In Open Spaces Draft plan has now been put out to the public for consultation. While the council claims that more dog parks will be opening what is actually happening is that more foreshore and beach areas are being taken away or restricted. Of particular concern is the proposed removal of the off leash area in Davistown where we live.


It is widely accepted that dogs that are well socialised and exercised are likely to be healthier, happier and less aggressive. Designated off-leash dog areas provide a safe community setting where dogs can play. We naturally tend to assume that off-leash parks are primarily for the benefit of our beloved dogs, but experienced dog park users know better. Off-leash parks offer just as many benefits to us humans as they do to dogs: both to dog owners as well as the wider community. The elderly can exercise our dogs without much effort, we can all socialise with other dog lovers, bond and play with our animals, practice off-leash training skills, swim together on hot days and enjoy the entertaining antics of our canine friends. In short it is extremely beneficial for our physical and mental health. 


As in many similar situations it seems like council here have taken the complaints of a few residents adjoining the park and decided to punish the many responsible dog owners here who do the right thing. There should be a focus on retaining and improving this area at Illoura reserve and on reducing usage intensity on this area through allowing additional areas to be used for dogs to run and swim. The new proposed site at Pine Avenue Reserve in Davistown is far from ideal as it is under a foot of water each time it rains, has no parking and is not fenced.


The other historic argument here is the one about the protection of the Bush Stone Curlew habitat in the reserve. While the plight of this endangered bird is of great concern to us there is no evidence that the bird has nested in this spot for many, many years despite there being a substantial securely fenced area designated for their protection. It does live in other areas in Davistown and it’s wonderful call can be heard overnight in many other areas here and the surrounding suburbs. Even If the birds were nesting at Illoura currently then surely it is proof that they can coexist with dogs in this area as they do in many other areas of Australia.


To restrict an area loved by so many in the hope that the bird “may” choose to nest there one day is a theory not backed by any discernible evidence. Surely Council needs to promote evidence-based decision-making in the development of policy that delivers a fair share of public open space to all usage groups, including families with dogs.

9 years ago council took away the off leash area at Illoura Reserve and the community all clubbed together to get it reopened. We can do this again! 

The fact is that, at the Illoura reserve off leash area, dogs, wildlife and humans have managed to coexist for nearly 40 years since the off leash area was established in 1984. The majority of the community want it to stay as it is and would love for your support in this matter. 


What else can I do to help?

  • provide feedback to council via this submission form: COMING SOON
  • provide feedback to council via this email: 
  • contact Dr Gordon Reid your local MP here and let him know what you think about their plan to close the park:
  • contact Adam Crouch your State Member here:
  • Spread the word about this petition to family and friends
people signed this week
Signatures: 3,281Next goal: 5,000
people signed this week