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Crystal Geyser wants to keep secret how much damage they may do to our small town. Make them do a full environmental impact report.

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We live in Siskiyou County, California, where we are undergoing severe mandated water rationing just like the rest of the drought-stricken state. But the county government is about to let the Crystal Geyser Water Company run a new bottling plant that would pump unlimited and unregulated amounts of our groundwater, and ship it to wherever they can make a profit selling it.

And even though this could mean tens of millions of gallons are taken out of the ground, bottled, and trucked away, Siskiyou County doesn’t plan to ask Crystal Geyser for an “Environmental Impact Review” (EIR) saying how much water they’re taking, and what other negative impacts their operation would have. That’s why we’re asking Governor Jerry Brown to use his authority and mandate Siskiyou County require this information.

Crystal Geyser won’t tell us, in writing, the absolute maximum amount of water they plan to take from our aquifer, and how much damage their operation will do to California’s already parched environment. Nor will they have to cut back during drought. Urge the Governor to make them.

Crystal Geyser’s plant is very close to homes that rely on well water. We have no idea whether residents will turn on the tap one day and find Crystal Geyser has taken all the water their well could reach. And they will not be accountable to anyone if and when that happens!

Crystal Geyser’s well is just 2,000 feet from the headwaters of the Sacramento River, which supplies the Central Valley, our state and the nation’s agricultural gem. We literally feed the nation! Our farmers are already struggling to get enough water for their crops -- if the Governor doesn’t step in, Crystal Geyser won’t have to say how much more damage their operation will cause.

Please sign this petition, and urge Governor Jerry Brown to make Crystal Geyser perform a complete Environmental Impact Review before their plant starts operating.

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