Save Our Cinema (Silver Screen Cinema Folkestone)

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Thriving towns need a cinema.  A well-managed, customer-focused cinema working in harmony with other local businesses should be the beating heart of any community.  Sadly, if Silver Screen Cinema Folkestone doesn’t go digital by the end of March 2014 (at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds) it will no longer be able to screen the latest releases and it’s effectively the end for Folkestone's last remaining cinema.  This would be a tragedy for the town and one we shouldn’t allow.  The most immediate response is to start an online petition and make Folkestone Town Council aware that this cinema is essential to the future health, happiness and prosperity of our town.  If the projector is secured from public funds the present owner, Silver Screen Cinema, should endeavour to work more closely with the community to develop a commercial, weekly programme that caters for all ages and budgets.  Please join me in signing this online petition to help save our cinema and make it better!

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