Save Marineland's Animals

Save Marineland's Animals

August 17, 2012
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Premier Kathleen Wynne & Government of Ontario and
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Started by Philip Demers

After 12 years of working at Marineland as an animal trainer, I made the difficult decision to quit and speak out about the deplorable conditions and neglect I witnessed. I saw dolphins living in extremely poor quality water, their skin flaking off in chunks, and six out of seven harbour seals becoming blind or suffering severe eye damage. A baby beluga named “Skoot” died last month after being attacked by other belugas in a pool she should have never been forced into.

Many people are appalled. Many are calling for Marineland to be closed, however what most don't know is that Ontario has no laws controlling aquariums and zoos, or protecting the animals inside. Without those laws no one will be able to save the animals of Marineland.

Marineland is a major tourist destination for Canadians, Americans, and people from many other countries. The lack of animal protection laws in Ontario are a sore spot that need addressing. We need people from around the globe signing and sharing this petition to help make the Ontario Government aware of these gross injustices towards animals.

I'm asking Premier Kathleen Wynne's Government to pass a new law that will regulate a high standard of care for animals in aquariums and zoos, and will provide an opportunity to close places like Marineland when they don’t comply. During the past 20 years there have been many attempts to help the animals at Marineland, but these attempts have never turned into real Government action.

I'm also asking Marineland owner John Holer to allow me to visit Smooshi the Walrus who depends on me for care. 

Please sign and share so this can never happen again at Marineland or anywhere else.

It’s time we speak for the animals!

Phil Demers

Click here to read Linda Diebel's amazing Toronto Star Series exposing Marineland.

Click here to watch CBC's story about my amazing connection with Smooshi


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This petition had 155,011 supporters

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