Save Lipson Cove! Stop the Port!

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We are strongly opposed to the Free Eyre Port Spencer project for a grain-only export port in the current proposed location. This location for a new port is adjacent to Lipson Cove, an iconic tourist attraction and Rogers Beach, a popular favourite beach for camping, fishing and recreation.

Regional Development has prioritised Lipson Cove as one of the sites to receive upgrades of facilities for proposed tourism development.

Lipson Cove is one of the beaches that featured in the book 101 Best Australian Beaches by Andy Short and Brad Farmer. Clearly, a project such as this will have a substantial negative impact on tourism.

Lipson Cove is well documented for its wildlife. A resident pod of dolphins are sighted in the area daily along with Southern Right whales that often frequent the bays of Lipson Cove and Rogers Beach. Mother and calf pairs have been documented at these beaches in recent years. Beach-nesting birds including the threatened Hooded Plover breed on these beaches annually. The endangered white-bellied sea eagle often frequents this area along with Lipson Island, with its extensive birdlife; has been verified as a favourite foraging ground for this endangered bird.

Lipson Island Conservation Park is home to the Fairy penguin, therefore, the area surrounding the island is imperative for their survival as fairy penguin numbers continue to decline. Lipson Island is classified as an IUCN Category III protected area. This vermin free area is a breeding ground for the crested turn, silver gull and black-face cormorant which also rely on the surrounding ecosystem to feed their young.

The alternative Cape Hardy port is supported by the majority of farmers as their preferred option. An Eyre Peninsula Grain Grower Forum to Discuss Proposed Port Development Projects took place in Cummins on Tuesday 17th March 2020.  It was very clear from the Cummins meeting that the Free Eyre Port Spencer proposal has almost no support from farmers. Eyre Peninsula farmers and the wider community have supported the multi-commodity Cape Hardy proposal. LGA and Regional Development both are in support of the Cape Hardy multi-commodity port which is only approximately 10kms further north. Having two Ports in such close proximity of each other could lead to a catastrophic environmental disaster for our pristine coastline and extensive marine and wildlife.

On behalf of those in the community opposed to this Port Spencer project, we ask that you urgently consider the Multi-Commodity Cape Hardy port, which has already received $25 million in federal funding as the ONLY suitable location for a project such as this, which would also allow for expansion for hydrogen power, grain and iron ore export, as we continue to grow and export into the future.

More information on the extensive support for the Cape Hardy port can be found here.