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Petitioning Belfast City Council Dog Warden Department and 12 others

Save Lennox, an aid/therapy dog to a disabled girl; being killed because he "looks like" a pit bull.








EVERYONE, PLEASE SIGN the INTERNATIONAL PETITION that was started by Lennox's loved ones HERE:  

My hope is for this petition at to help gain hundreds if not thousands of signatures for Lennox's International petition.

*****Update: On June 13th, Lennox was sentenced to death. Family and supports are now trying to move Lennox to the United States to live out his life in peace, and not die at the hands of strangers. Please go to the following link to help, ONE LAST PUSH OF URGENT EMAILS NEEDED FOR A LENNOX MIRACLE:   

***Update: A decision day was set for May 24th 2012, however no decision was made. Please continue to support Lennox, not just by signing and sharing his petition but by standing up for our pets and animals everywhere. 

**Update: On November 1st, Lennox was granted a reprieve (a loop hole was found). A decision is still left to be made.

**Update: On September, 30th, 2011, the court ruled sweet Lennox as too "unpredictable" and will be put down in 14 days. The family has two weeks to find a legal loop hole to try and save him. Supporters of Lennox are asking that Lennox be moved to the South (where the laws are different), so he can be spared and visit with his family. 

* Update: The date for Lennox's Appeal has been movied from September 16th to September 23rd 2011.

* Update: The date for Lennox's Appeal is September 16th, 2011. Let's come together and support Lennox!

On October 1st, 2011- Lennox will have been locked up for 500 days.

All following information is directly from: examiner.com

On May 19, 2010, Lennox the dog was seized from the home of Belfast resident Caroline Barnes after a Belfast City Council member labeled him as an "American pit bull type terrier" based on nothing more than a 20 second tape measure reading of his legs and muzzle. Barnes, who has an 11-year-old disabled daughter who relies on emotional support from Lennox, was hospitalized after the dog's seizure due to distress.


Letter to Belfast City Council Dog Warden Department
President of the United States
New York State Senate
and 10 others
New York State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives Belfast City Council Dog Warden Manager elfast City Council Health & Enviromental Manager Belfast City Council Chief Executive Belfast City Council Complaints Belfast City Council Dog Warden Belfast City Council Dog Warden
New York Governor
Dear Belfast Government,

I am writing in support of the release of Lennox the 5 year old American Bulldog (not a pit bull). Since he cannot defend himself, WE will speak out in his favor, and request (more like demand) his release.
There is absolutely no reason for this type of treatment.
We are asking for a repeal against the ordinance to have Lennox, an aid dog, killed because of his "appearance." I am writing for Lennox, for his family and to plead for an innocent animal's life. He is a gentle member of a loving family.
A dog who "looks like" something, doesn't deserve to live in isolation for 10 months and then be "sentenced" to death. This poor animal has been in a cement cage for 10 months? With no human contact after being loved for 5 years and harming no one? HOW DARE YOU. Especially a dog who has served as a therapy/aid dog to a disabled young girl. He is important emotional support for their disabled daughter.

This situation is discriminatory and unfair. What you are doing is the EPITOME of animal cruelty. Your destroying a family and you are hurting the thousands of people who fight for animal rights on a daily basis.

Let him go home to his family. Animals are individuals and should be treated as such. Lennox is not a criminal, nor a nuisance. He's an 11 year old little girl's friend and support!

The worst part is you might continue to do this, and believe your actions are righteous or for the best. Lennox is a somebody, and something tells me his heart is much bigger than any of yours.
Well guess what. I'm a girl in Queens, NY, (USA) who is full of so much pain and so much anger because of what you are threatening to do. This family DOES NOT deserve this and LENNOX doesn't deserve this. And I know I am not the only one who feels this way.
This petition is for Lennox and every other dog out there who has served as an integral part of a family. Please do the RIGHT THING, REUNITE THIS FAMILY, and SAVE LENNOX. You've hurt them enough!

BY THE WAY, As I write this, my cat is purring and rubbing against the laptop. Even HE knows that saving Lennox is the humane thing to do.

SIncerely, (but not without anger & anguish...)

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