Save the last German WW1 aircraft hangar from demolition

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In 1916, a German aircraft hangar was built in Schleswig with the purpose of protecting three zeppelin airship hangars. When the war ended and Germany lost, Denmark got back some of the land it had lost in 1864. Including this part of Schleswig. All hangars in Germany went out of use as the post-war German Army was not allowed to have planes. Most of them were therefore torn down and demolished. The ones that weren't just slowly fell apart.

Therefore, it is the last surviving German Aircraft Hangar from the First World War left in Europe (if not the World). The unique hangar is life threatened. It is in an absolutely appalling condition. People are not allowed to enter as the roof can fall down at any time. In fact it will only be a matter of months or years and the hangar will fall apart and be down forever.

The Danish Ministry of Culture has decided to help it fall apart by demolishing it. This is possible because the hangar isn't listed. In Denmark there are about 200 castles and manors of historic value that are listed. Listed are also 220 viking rune stones. 2.354 churches as well. And to top it off, about 22.000 burial mounds.       But not that one aircraft hangar. Losing it would of course mean losing an important bit of history and losing one of the few memories from the Great War in Denmark. And of course, this would also mean losing the last surviving German aircraft hangar from the First World War.

Not many tourists come to see it as nobody knows about it. It is worth mentioning that due to its already boxy shape, it would be ideal for a museum and this would attract a lot of tourism. This would of course demand much larger amounts of money than the ones mentioned below:

To do an acute rescue, about 720.000 kroner (just about 110.000 US dollars) will be sufficient. This will just be enough to stop it from falling apart. Of course to do a complete renovation, a lot more will be needed. To give you an idea of what money are being spent on, a few years ago a new highway was built in a Danish city. They made some "art"-ificial trees made of plastic. They cost a couple of million kroner (about 300.000 USD).


What do we want to achieve with this?

  1. Inform the Ministry of Culture that this is a very bad idea.
  2. Save the Hangar from being destroyed in either way.
  3. Renovating it so that it will not only be standing a few years extra but making sure it will be left standing in a lot of years to come.
  4. Of course, this would only be happening if the Ministry of Culture listens to us. (We sure do hope so!)

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