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Huawei is a Chinese company and Donald Trump doesn't trust the firm. He has banned the company from the US and he is encouraging other US companies from supplying components to Huawei and hence, it is basically destroying Huawei, literally. It has caused the ban of  Huawei's 5G tech in many countries and as many know, Huawei is the biggest telecommunications company in the world and it has its tech all over the world and there hasn't been a data breach ever in the name of Huawei. I don't understand why Donald Trump has lost trust in the company which doesn't have a single data breach of its users in its history and even if it is linked to China, China doesn't have control over its user's data outside of its border. It has control only over people in its territory. Huawei has stated that privacy has been maintained for people outside China. Why don't people trust it? It is an official statement!

Huawei is also the 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer and it gets its software from Android by Google. If ever Huawei or China had to gain access to Huawei Smartphone Users' data, they had to go through Google. And as many know, Google is in the US and like many other companies in the US, it is mandatory for it to provide privacy to its users. In any case, if there was a data breach, it would be on Google's side and not Huawei's nor China's. There is literally no way to track user's using just hardware and Google doesn't allow OEMs to modify the code relating to privacy. Even if they did, Google would know and would take action. Who is at fault here? US Government? Google? China? Huawei? Actually, there is no reason to blame Huawei here and there is no reason for Qualcomm, Intel and Broadcom among other companies to stop supply to Huawei and Google has no reason to withdraw the license for use of Android on Huawei's phones except if that is a Government Order. These changes in supplies to Huawei is affecting other countries other than the US and because Huawei cannot manufacture phones without chipsets and if they don't manufacture, they can't sell their products. This is a huge blow for Huawei Fans and please help us keep Huawei alive.

Please sign this petition to keep the 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer alive!

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