Save Darwin's Oldest Judo Club

Save Darwin's Oldest Judo Club

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Darwin Judo Club started this petition to NT Government and

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Darwin Judo Club (“DJC”) has been an integral part of Darwin’s history for over 47 consecutive years as Darwin’s oldest judo club in the Northern Territory.

DJC is a non-for-profit association that helps promote self-confidence, self-defence, healthy eating and exercise, discipline, control, equality and respect to name a few to its participants.

DJC was given a building from Correctional Services in 2015, which was the old Guide’s gym located at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, Berrimah 0828 (“Club”). The Club was renovated for DJC utilising prisoner labour as a part of the self-help program.

The Club was then officially opened by the Hon John Elfrink on Friday, 21st August 2015 (the Minister for Correctional Services at that time) and DJC was presented with a plaque commemorating the home of DJC in perpetuity, or forever as promised through a peppercorn lease.

Since the Club’s opening DJC has been in constant communications with both the Department of Correctional Services (“Corrections”) and Territory Families (due to the department handover) in relation to receiving a copy of a peppercorn lease in perpetuity.

However, the responses we have received from both Corrections and Territory Families have been disheartening with such responses now arguing that such a peppercorn lease cannot be provided due to “there being no signed management agreement or licence in place” for DJC, or that the department is in the process of getting legal advice on how to proceed with a formal agreement, or due to the “Machinery of Government Changes”.

In spite of the above responses DJC recent correspondence with the departments have now evolved to DJC being denied any formal agreement as DJC may now utilise the Club “remaining in situ” until the new Don Dale Youth Detention Centre is operational, estimated operational date being 20 June 2020.

DJC is not only concerned that we will be removed from the Club on or before the estimated operational date but that we will have no place to go even though a lease has been promised to us.

This petition is to show your support in keeping DJC open by requesting that the Northern Territory Government keeps its promise by providing the peppercorn lease in perpetuity as originally agreed.

Please show your support by signing this petition and sharing it amongst your friends and family, change in the community can only happen if we work together and make our voices heard.

Sincerely yours

President of the Darwin Judo Club

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!