Save Chamberlain Park

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Save Chamberlain Park Inc started this petition nearly 3 years ago to retain an 18 hole course.

Following the recent November 2019 elections the new Albert Eden Local Board withdrew its masterplan which would have seen the course cut down to nine holes. The negotiated settlement, which retains 18 holes but concedes the land south west of Meola Creek, signals a new co-operative approach with the Local Board.

A committee will be set up that includes golfers, the local community, NZ Golf and Auckland Golf as well as Local Board member/s. The aim is to improve Chamberlain Park for the golfers and for the community.

However, despite the recent agreement, we have decided to keep this petition going until we have the final reconfiguration for the course and for the land across Meola Creek, and also until we have an established the working group and budgeting for the whole project.

With over 26,000 signatures on this petition, we believe there is a democratic “people power” to ensure that the future of Chamberlain Park remains secure and untouchable by future politicians. This is our way of keeping you informed!

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