Save Chamberlain Park

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The City Vision dominated Albert Eden Board voted effectively to destroy most of Chamberlain Park. They have a Master Plan which is based on incorrect information and a flawed consultation process. This park development will destroy a well used and loved public green-space open to all Aucklanders and cover half with artificial turf and car parks. It does not take into account the significant environmental and ecological impact the loss of half the trees and grass will have. This will cost Rate Payers $30 million.  $15 million of this is dedicated to two sports fields which are surplus to requirements by council's own research.The redevelopment does not take into account the 63,000 rounds of golf per year, making Chamberlain Park one of the busiest in Auckland and equates to 164 rounds a day seven days a week come rain, hail or shine. It also made a profit of over $340,000 in the last year! 

To date we have over 21,000 signatures on this site, and 1000 signatures on paper, over 22,000 in total. Sign our petition and show that you care about Auckland's green spaces and trees and preserving these spaces for future generations. 

The Local Board elections will be this October. We want people to vote for the candidates that state they will stop Chamberlain Park's current redevelopment.

Share with friends - especially if they are Albert Eden Voters!!

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