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Save Bailey From Being Euthanised

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Please ask the Judge to give Bailey a reprieve. Bailey is a 12 year old arthritic lurcher cross who has about a year to live. He has been offered a new home as was stipulated in the first ruling. The next judge changed his mind and has said Bailey must be destroyed. He has been sentenced to die under the Dangerous Dog Act because his owner has been irresponsible.

His current owner is a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties and an alcohol problem. Bailey thought it was his job to look after her when she was in a vulnerable state and had been drinking. On two occasions he protected her when he thought she was at risk. This surmounted to him nipping people on two occasions on one of these occasions he was wearing a muzzle that was damaged. After the first incidence Bailey was put on an order to be muzzled and on a lead at all times. Because his owner failed to adhere to the order he nipped a second person and was removed later by the police. During his removal from the house when his owner was not there he showed no aggression toward the police and did not resist arrest.

Bailey is currently in police kennels and had been found a rescue space with an elderly responsible couple away from his owner.  This sadly fell through and now Lurcher SOS have offered to take Bailey on.  They are prepared to do whatever the judge says to save him and let him have a final year of life without him worrying about protecting his vulnerable owner. Bailey is an old man and he is crippled with arthritis, he cannot walk far at all. He has been sentenced to a destruction order and this is going to final appeal in July 2012 although we are still waiting for a court date. Please will you sign the petition to ask the Judge to let Bailey live and let him go to his new home where he can eventually die in peace?

Bailey has been in kennels since January and his health is deteriorating. He is not in good shape, he is just an old dog. He has passed all his behavioural tests with both the police and the behaviourist.

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