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Abhi Pai started this petition to Australian Government, Department of Education, Association of Independent Schools NSW and

TL;DR : Please sign and share this petition so we can manifest a better world, focusing on the Education, The Environment & The Economy. The only way this won't work is if not enough people take a chance on it. 


Let's Save Australia and make History, that's the 3,141,593 Signature promise. All you have to do is Click "Sign this petition", sit back and watch things start to change for the better.

Consider this a live experiment in Quantum Physics, the world's largest case study on the "Observer Effect". We need you to be more than just a spectator though, your help is needed. Everything is connected, so this will be scaled Globally and you'll be saving more than just Australia.


Children are the Future and the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Phase 1 will deal with reforming THE sector that will have the greatest impact on the future of humanity - Education. Having worked as a School Business Manager for a K-12 school with over 1,100 students, we know there's a lot that can be changed at a school level. I'm honoured to have worked with Principal Jay Halai, a true Pedagogical Visionary who has brought the best of the UK Education system with him from London. 

We also have connections with the C-Suite at the Association of Independent Schools NSW, the governing body for over 480 schools, which look after over 200,000 children.

We're responsible for not only providing a better world for our children and future generations but also for fostering their potential so they can continue to change the world when we're gone. We can't just keep teaching them what to think, we have to teach them how to think, and many other life skills that are sadly left out of the curriculum.

Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now) has said the world would be a much better place if meditation was taught in schools. 

Meditation would teach children how to disassociate from their emotions, to not be controlled by them, to focus and learn more effectively. They will also grow more understanding of their true Self, their Being that sits behind their emotions. Learning about their Self will help them find their Purpose, so they can live a life of Meaning. This will lead to a marked improvement in collective mental health which is currently a growing issue.

For those of us lucky enough to have found our Purpose, we all wish we would have found it sooner. Let's make it so that future generations don't face this problem.

They also need to learn about their personalities to understand themselves and others. They need to see we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses, that we all need each other to fill in the gaps, that we're all connected. 

Scientific studies have shown large collectives of people meditating together have changed the electro-magnetic field of an area, resulting in reduced rates of violence and aggression, which will lead to reduced bullying in the school context.

Experts have told me it's been tried before but that it couldn't reach critical mass as it was the actual teachers who couldn't maintain it. We can change that. We just need to first get teachers on the program, 3 to 10 minutes every day.

I tested it myself, I ran weekly mindfulness sessions for dozens of my staff and noted a marked difference in productivity and positivity, which was also noticed by others.  (This can be applied in any organisation to great effect, we should all do this.)

Once all the teachers are on board we can introduce it in small increments to the students. 

Grade 1 = 1 minute, Grade 2 = 2 minutes, Grade 3 = 3 minutes, etc. These numbers are arbitrary, the point is to at least get started with the bare minimum.

The first 17 - 18 years of their lives, they'll spend sharpening their axe and aiming in the right direction. Learning how to think, learning how to focus. Then set out to make something of themselves.

Tertiary education is supposed to facilitate their journey but it's increasingly becoming a corrupt institution these days, we'll be fixing that too.

Primary + Secondary Stage: Estimated requirements are 10,000 Signatures.

Tertiary Stage: Revealed at 31,415 Signatures.



One of the biggest problems with democracy and politics these days is that almost everything is forced into being a partisan issue. If there's a policy we want to support with any one party, something that should be a non-partisan issue, it's often ensconced within a myriad of other partisan issues which you might not agree with. The baby gets thrown out with the bathwater. Too many people are also stuck in echo chambers and can't see the world past the narrow lens they view it through. 

Another problem is that while many government departments are run well and do making a positive impact, there are also those that are incompetent and/or are infested by corruption. Politicians are supposed to be the servants of their people, their constituents... but too many politicians forget that. Let's help them remember and to pay attention to the things that matter, regardless of who is in power.

So in comes the "SAVE AUSTRALIA" petition, which we'll populate with NON-PARTISAN issues that everyone can get behind, like Saving the Koalas for example. One by one we'll cross problems off the list as they get dealt with, and we'll add more issues to the list as we go as well. This could eventually accumulate millions of votes, with each issue on the list being somewhat filtered through the lens of all the others. This will make the petition and everyone behind it, incredibly robust, powerful and focused like a laser beam. As we've all hopefully been meditating from Phase 1, there will literally be a change in our collective magnetic field that will result in phenomena like reduced crime and negative emotion.

Eventually, inevitably, as we add more issues to the list, there will be some issues that not everyone agrees on. So we'll engage in civil discourse utilizing free speech to get to the heart of the matter and have a vote via poll.

Let's show politicians how it should be done, let's fix the system.

Phase 2: Estimated Requirements are "As Many As We Need"


ISSUE #1: Protect & Preserve our Native, endangered Flora & Fauna, so our future generations don't have to read about them as extinct species. Australia is home to the most biodiverse environment on the planet. Including but not limited to, our Koalas and the Great Barrier Reef, which are both under immense threat at the moment. Just a few possible solutions are reforestation and switching our Energy to Renewables.

ISSUE #2: Get our Economy back on track and our Freedom back, in the safest way. Australia, especially NSW, is in unprecedented times, putting it mildly. A more open discussion is needed amongst the people and politicians need to be accountable to our Consensus.




While Phase 2 will help the Government pay attention to our problems, still another major problem would remain. The problem of us having to rely on the Government to do everything for us. Phase 3 will allow us to start taking back the power for ourselves and dealing with our problems directly.

Let's stop talking about Problems and start coming up with Solutions. It's about taking Personal Responsibility, which is not a conversation everyone is able or willing to have right now but I'm hopeful for the future.

Phase 3: Estimated requirements are 314,159 Signatures 



1. Sign the Petition - Easy as pie, just a click of a button. Please also say Why you're signing and what your vision of a better Australia would look like.

2. Share, Share, Share the petition. All of us together have the power to change things for the better.

3. If you know any influential Australian Legends who care about our country, send them this & ask them to submit a non-partisan Issue that they care about to add to the list, and share it.

Just a few brilliant Aussies I look up to are Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Neel Kolhatkar (BACKED), Jordan Shanks-Markinova aka Friendlyjordies, Isaac Butterfield, Sydney Watson, Claire Lehmann & SixteenLeo. Let's make sure they see this.



We are now more than ever, a Global Society. Just because you don't live somewhere, doesn't mean you don't care what happens there.

I'm sure there are plenty of you across the Pond that would like to see our Great Barrier Reef someday and would like to keep it alive as long as possible. Thank you for Signing, I have not forgotten about you either.

I started this in Australia as this is where I live & have the most influence, but I will be expanding this entire model (and everything to come) globally, so we'll return the favour.

A hundred years ago we had the Roaring '20s which led into the Great Depression.

A Century later we're starting the 20's off in our own Economic Disaster, but let's reverse the trajectory of our predecessors and end this Decade on a good note.

Let us prove the Hypothesis that the Observer Effect is responsible for the Metaphysical concepts of Spirituality, Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Our Perceptions, Attention, Mind & Actions literally create our realities. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it all very well. Imagine the power of all our Channeled Collective Consciousness focused on these problems.

Thank you for reading all the way here!

If you'd like to help me get this off the ground in Australia or to help me get this Model rolled out to your country, then please contact me.


I'm a Chartered Accountant, Justice of the Peace, former School Business Manager and someone who can't do this alone.





0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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