Save Ashmore Trees

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Save the Ashmore Trees from the Developer’s Axe!

Dear Friend of Erskineville

25-40 large, established Erskineville trees are due to be cut down as part of the Ashmore Precinct development.

They include the magnificent stand of Fig Trees on the corner of Ashmore St and Mitchell Rd - a precious haven for Kookaburras, Cockatoos and Rosellas, and an invaluable canopy of shade and beauty for residents and pedestrians in the area. They also include the large gum trees behind the terraces on 48-56 Ashmore St, which are to be replaced by a shadeless bitumen alleyway.

So far, despite repeated approaches by residents, City of Sydney has done nothing to save these trees - meanwhile claiming it wants to protect the “biodiversity” and “heritage value” of Erskineville.

31 native trees have already been cut down by Developers at the western end of Ashmore St, with Council’s full approval.

Please join us to save the remaining Ashmore St trees from the Developer’s axe. They are an invaluable part of Erskineville, a precious ecosystem for native birds and animals, and crucial to community enjoyment of the area. It would take at least thirty years for a similar canopy to grow through replanting.

Thank you for your help – the residents of Ashmore Street.