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Save American Ginseng, Panax quinquefolius


Help United Plant Savers, (UpS), bring awareness and action to saving a valuable and culturally significant native medicinal plant!

United Plant Savers has included American Ginseng since it formed its at-risk list. In our 2012 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation UpS published an article on the dramatic decline of ginseng populations in our National Forests and National Parks due to poaching and over-harvesting. American Ginseng is an amazing American medicinal plant of great value to rural communities, as a sustainable non-timber resource for both landowners and the National Forest Service, and if managed and protected, ginseng can be a sustainable source of wild medicine for future generations. 

United Plant Savers supports the efforts for National Forests to co-manage for non-timber forest products, such as medicinal plants.

Achieving this goal requires seed banks of regional ginseng populations to ensure genetic integrity and supply of local seeds. This effort would support farmers to plant wild-simulated ginseng to meet market demands.

We are asking you to sign the petition letter below to demonstrate that the public would like to see Congress dedicate funds towards ginseng conservation and cultivation, and that plants are just as worthy of protection and just as vulnerable to wildlife trafficking. 

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