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For decades, successive Sarnia councils, municipalities and upper levels of government have neglected, ignored, or short changed shoreline protection along one of our community’s most priceless public assets and amenities; the right-of-way along old Lakeshore Road, stretching from Telfer Rd. to Perch/Cow Creek.

In recent years, record lake levels are teaching us harsh lessons about the high costs of this past neglect.

With new funding finally available, we the Citizens of Sarnia, feel that the time is now for the City to commence a process of public consultation aimed at formulating and implementing a comprehensive long term strategy and legacy vision to protect our entire Brights Grove waterfront.

We believe that the entire stretch of publicly owned Brights Grove waterfront should be retained, preserved, protected and developed with a multi-use trail, new beaches and recreational amenities for the benefit of our entire community and for future generations, forever!

If you agree that our shoreline and waterfront is too precious a resource to neglect, or discard, please sign and share this petition with like minded Citizens of Sarnia.

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