Ask Doug Ford to write the Grade 6 Math EQAO Test

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Doug Ford has insisted on multiple occasions that 50% of Grade 6 students are failing Math.  This is actually false.  The real stat is that 50% of Grade 6 students did not meet the provincial standard (which is a B, not just a passing grade) on the last EQAO Math test.  The vast majority of that 50% would have achieved Ds and Cs, not failing grades.  These results are clearly shown on the EQAO website through a bar graph, which apparently Doug Ford can't read.  The ability to correctly interpret graphs is an expectation in the Math strand "Data Management and Probability" for elementary grades, and it is important that if Ford wishes to revamp the Math curriculum, he should be able demonstrate some basic Math skills.  With these recent claims, it is safe to assume that Ford is challenged in the area of Math and should be required to demonstrate more competence before proceeding with his changes to the Math curriculum.