I've lived in the Uk since I was 8/I'm 31/I have 2 kids born here/Please don't deport me

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I'm David Sieni I am an Artist / Actor / Pulic Speaker from London. I moved to the UK from Cameroon when I was 8 years old and I have never left the Country. I grew up here, attended school here, my Mother who is a German citizenship also resides here as do my 2 children. 

My passport was taken away when I went to prison over 10 years ago, and although I have been out for 3 years nothing has happened since that date to make me a UK citizen. Infact the Home Office have already tried to deport me once and failed. I have been in Limbo ever since, unable to work or provide for my family. 

I may have made mistakes in the past but I am a reformed character that now helps young people (and people in general) not to make the same mistakes that I did. I do  talks in Schools, Colleges, Uni’s and Prisons.

My probation team are very happy with how I am doing and I have not been in any kind of trouble since my release 3 years ago.

I am in in 2 films coming out this year, one of which is Bafta Nominated and my music career is very much taking off. I was supposed to be going on a European tour at the end of August, which as of now cannot go ahead. I was told by the current officer (Home Office) dealing with my case (over 2 months ago) that my case was next on the list to be dealt with and there would be a decision made on my citizenship ASAP. The very same woman has informed me today in her eyes I am a Foreign National Criminal and I should make arrangements to leave the Country. 

There is a Civil War in Cameroon and all of my Family are here, my children are here.. Please don't let them deport me..