Teach Black, Asian and Hispanic history in school and the meaning of white privilege

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In school we learn about RE, sex education and we may have a black history month assembly. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH! It is crucial that children learn the history of their fellow pupils culture in depth to reduce ignorance, cultural appropriation and racism in later life. Here are some ideas I have to be included in the education system:

1. What is White privilege? What can White people do to help in racial dilemmas?

2. What is cultural appropriation and what behaviours fall under this?

3. Education on Black, Asian and Hispanic culture e.g the meaning and history of braids or cultural celebrations.

4. Inventions created by ethnic minorities that aren’t spoken about 

5. How other races aided the success in the war 

6. More eduction on slavery and police brutality In the USA AND UK

7. Education on colourism in today’s society and how it stems from slavery 

8. Food tech should be an opportunity to create foods from all cultures 

9. Educate on the beauty of other countries that are presented poorly on the news to rid of damaging stereotypes 

10. The origin of the N and P word, how it was used, why it shouldn’t be said and how you can’t be given a “pass” to say it 

11. How ethnic minorities have been forced into scientific experiments 

12. Islamophobia, Middle Eastern history & the Muslim concentration camps in China 

13. The truth of the British Empire and colonisation