School Run Pollution Solution

School Run Pollution Solution

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David Smith started this petition to Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) and

We’ve found a low cost way to reduce vehicle emissions by 70% on the most polluted roads at the time children travel to nursery and school. We need your support to convince the Mayor of London and TfL to pilot this solution to the toxic school run.

TfL confirm that an idling vehicle produces almost twice the emissions as a moving vehicle.  On congested sections of roads and at busy junctions, 65%-85% of vehicle emissions is from start-stop-idling! 

BBC Fighting For Air 2018 “Every time you pull away, every time you accelerate, you are going from NOx production ticking along from 150 up to, well, the last time you pulled away from the lights it was more than 1,500 so you’ve gone up ten times”.

Every time a vehicle is stopped, tiny bits of metal, rubber and oil are released from the brake pads, tires, suspension and road surface wear, contributing to harmful particulate matter. 

During peak times, vehicles can accelerate from a stationary position and then brake over forty times to drive a single mile! New research confirms that restarting a vehicle engine is equivalent to 7 seconds of idling time.

We can quickly and significantly reduce vehicle emissions from congested idling traffic by holding vehicles stationary at traffic lights until the section of road ahead is clear to drive on.

Managed effectively (closing side roads to prevent 'rat running') this would have zero impact on driver journey time but would provide clear opportunities for drivers to switch off their vehicle engine rather than idle. 

We’ve focussed on a one mile section of West Hill in Wandsworth, London, with a nursery, a hospital, residential apartments, houses, large council estates, a care home for the elderly and a school with over 1,100 children.

Every school day, the number of vehicles from the A3 is greater than number that can pass through the traffic lights at the junction with the South Circular Road. West Hill traffic is slowed to almost a standstill. The usual two to three minute journey time is increased to around sixteen minutes.

There’s a constant line of HGVs, coaches, lorries, trucks and cars, each accelerating and braking around forty times and idling for around twelve minutes to drive one mile!

We're asking the Mayor of London to pilot this school run pollution solution on West Hill in Wandsworth and if successful to use this traffic management solution outside other nurseries and schools on busy roads where illegal levels of air pollution is reducing children's lung volume by 5%-10%.

We desperately need your support. Please sign and share our petition.

For more information visit, read more about our story and campaigns here: or follow us on Twitter @LittleNinjaUK #startstopidling #NO2idling 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!