New idling law prioritising children's health and the health of our planet

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We need new idling law prioritising children's health and the health of our planet over the comfort of drivers who repeatedly keep their vehicle engine running when parked. 

Every day my son travels to primary school he is exposed to diesel engine exhaust which is carcinogenic group 1 like tobacco smoke. His baby sister is in a buggy so closer to the exhaust pipe and exposed to 60% more air pollution than an adult. This toxic air may stop their lungs, heart and brain from growing properly and cause damage for life.

An idling vehicle produces almost twice the emissions as a moving vehicle. It's against the law to idle and a fine can be issued if a driver refuses to switch off their engine once a council officer has asked them to. Restarting an engine produces less emissions than idling for 10 seconds. However, even drivers caught idling multiple times a day are given a two to five minute grace period to switch off their vehicle engine or drive away.

Because of this loophole drivers keep their vehicle engine running when parked outside nurseries, schools, GP surgeries, hospitals and playgrounds every day for as long as they like and never receive a fine. 

The UK has declared a climate emergency and air pollution is a national health emergency. We need new idling law and enforcement that is fit for purpose. Adults must no longer be allowed to poison children and our planet with this unnecessary burning of fuel.

We believe new idling law should ensure all vehicle owners are given information about the impact of idling on health, air pollution, climate change and a clear warning that if their vehicle is caught idling when parked they will receive an instant fine. 

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