#SaveHarkersStudio. Stop 110 year old theatrical hub becoming more Luxury Flats.

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#SaveHarkersStudio. Stop 110 year old theatrical hub becoming more Luxury Flats.

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We are a group of engaged individuals who would very much like to prevent the approved conversion of Harker’s Studio on Queens Row in Southwark into flats once the current occupant’s lease expires early next year.

Harker’s Studio was purpose-built as a scene-painting studio in 1904, and has continued to serve – almost uninterrupted - both the theatrical industry and, in more recent years, the local community since that day. It belongs to an area of London that has a rich theatrical heritage – a heritage that is fast disappearing.

This unique building is one of a dying breed of scenery painting studios across London: some have been converted into flats, while others have been torn apart. Its continued use reflects Southwark’s centuries-old role in the theatrical industry and is an integral part of the borough’s local history. Currently, the studio is home to a local business serving the London theatre industry and wider community.

However, the importance of this building lies not simply in its historical relevance but in its potential to continue serving as a hub of creativity – it is this potential in which we are invested.

As we are all too aware, the cost of space to live and work in London is through the roof; it is killing the soul of our city and the livelihood of those who reside and/or work in it.

It cannot, and should not continue.

Spaces and hubs for creativity, community and collaboration are fast disappearing, but we want to do something to protect, nurture and develop[LC1]  these much-needed spaces - and we believe the future of Harker’s Studio is the perfect opportunity to do this.

By its very nature, Harker’s Studio was built for artistic creativity: there is great height within the building; unbeatable, year-round natural light which floods in through the skylight; and, very importantly, easy access thanks to its location just off the Walworth Road.

With London’s landscape being taken over by luxury accommodation, and more and more of our creative industry being marginalized and pushed out of the heart of the city, it is vital we act now.

We believe that here is an opportunity to save a building intended for collaboration and creativity that still has great potential for future use.

This is an opportunity to safeguard a beautiful building and a creative space before it disappears forever.

Will you join us?




Twitter: @Harkers_Studio, Instragram: SaveHarkersStudio