Traffic Speed Control on Union Road

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For the past 20 years, residents of Union Road have witnessed an unsettling number of high-speed vehicles traversing the corridor between Quadra and Blenkinsop.

In the early 2000's petitions were signed and council meetings were attended, with no action taken by the municipality to address or control vehicle speeds.

More recently, the current residents of Union Road have continued the neighbourhood concern over vehicle speeds. In the past several years, there have been animals killed, vehicle collisions/accidents and most tragically, the recent death of Danny Schupbach.

The city was once again approached with a request to install some manner of speed control. Additionally, pedestrian safety measures at Cumberland and Union were also requested to support Saanich's own self-described "safe route to school" guide which tells children to cross the street at the bottom of a blind hill with no crosswalk, lights or any other safety measures. 

All attempts at producing any positive outcome from the municipality have failed. There is now a large and expensive sidewalk installation in progress that in no way addresses the speeds of vehicles nor does it account for any pedestrian safety at the Cumberland/Union intersection. In fact, they have installed "visually impaired" yellow bumpy mats intended to let people with sight issues know where to cross. If a visually impaired person were to cross at either point, they would quite literally run into a tree or a metal signpost. 

Saanich has stated that engineering cannot stop speeding and pushes the responsibility onto the Police, who say it's an enforcement issue they don't have time to address regularly. 

Essentially, the buck is being passed from department to department, with no action being taken. It is now only a matter of time before there is another serious accident or fatality. Speed humps, stop signs, reduced speed limits and more have been suggested and rejected. Something must be done and Saanich needs to take responsibility for the safety of its residents. 

We, the undersigned in this petition, formally request substantive action from the Municipality of Saanich to effectively and permanently address and suppress high-speed vehicle traffic on Union road between Quadra St. and Blenkinsop Rd.