Abolish bylaws discriminating against related and unrelated residents in Saanich dwellings

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Should Saanich bylaw have the right to evict you from your home if you exceed 4 persons in a dwelling?

The municipality of Saanich continues to use an outdated and discriminatory bylaw to evict residents from their homes only because they are "unrelated by blood". Imagine during a housing crisis finding yourself and your roommates evicted for no other reason than being unrelated. 

Family status has nothing to do with occupancy or safety regulation and therefore this bylaw must be abolished as it unfairly targets students, young adults, and those living in communal housing arrangements. Most housing stock in Saanich is zoned single family home from a time that no longer serves the needs of current housing demands.

This bylaw encourages homes to sit under utilized. Shared housing also provides an opportunity for a reduction in carbon emissions by sharing available housing and resources while improving urban density. Concerns over parking, noise or any other residential complaint can be addressed with separate bylaws that do not discriminate by family status.

Consider sending an email to council@saanich.ca, contacting a councilor, or appearing at a council meeting to voice your concern on this absurd bylaw.

"5.20 Limitation of Residential Occupancy by Unrelated Persons

Notwithstanding any other provision of the bylaw, where a dwelling unit is occupied by two or more persons unrelated by blood or marriage, the total number of persons unrelated by blood or marriage occupying the dwelling unit, including boarders shall not exceed four"