New 2020 Ryerson Student Union President!

New 2020 Ryerson Student Union President!

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R Chan started this petition to Ryeron University (Mohamed Lachemi, President of Ryerson University)

Ryerson University has been under fire over the last year thanks to the mismanagement of student funds by the Ryerson Student Union. 

This petition is to ask Vanessa Henry to resign and for Ryerson University to restructure the Ryerson Student Union,

The current Student Union is currently led by a President, Venessa Henry who is not qualified to: lead the organization or manage a team, 

Key Concerns,

Since the election; Students of Ryerson University have not received full financial transparency as promised. 

Lack of change; The current Ryerson Student Union President has referenced a room called "SHIFT Centre" as the biggest accomplishment to-date. For any Ryerson student that has visited this room, it's less than 200 Sq. Ft. The programming intentions are a good thought but fails to service 30,000 + Ryerson students.

Per recent media reports; There's been various issues within the organization pertaining to discriminating actions from the President Venessa Henry, conflict-of-interest and mismanaged funds.
Referenced Article:

We are now calling on Mr. Mohamed Lachemi (Ryerson University, President) to step-in and not allow the under-qualified leadership of Vanessa Henry to mismanage the funds of students and help protect the University's esteemed reputation from serious allegations! 

Please Sign To Help Demand,

a. Change for the Ryerson Student Union. The students have yet to see a concrete business plan with the promised financial transparency from the President.

b. Replacement of Vanessa Henry, President of the Student Union who has failed at fulfilling the duties of a President and continues to comprise the reputation of the organization with poor management and unacceptable actions.

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ii. Do not leave your name in comments for your privacy,
iii. Any hateful comment/s will disqualify your vote. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!