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RyanAir - let your passengers sit together without paying a fee

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FAO Ryan Air

Please stop splitting passengers up - families, friends and partners who buy a ticket to fly with you.  

We do not want to have to pay to sit together. The "so called" random seating allocation is a source of great frustration for people travelling together, and this is clearly a "ploy" to ensure greater profits for the airline. Other budget airlines do not adopt such a harsh approach - e.g. EasyJet. It is the principle rather than the cost that is the issue.

This never used to be a problem when flying with RyanAir. I have caught 4 RyanAir flights in the last month with a party of 3 friends, and on all flights we've been separated and mainly put in middle seats - even if there are free seats next to my friends. We've had to barter and plead with other passengers to swap seats - it is pointless and frustrating.

As Oxford university have pointed out the chance of this being random is less likely than winning the lottery:

It is my view that RyanAir have gone down hill , it is a step backwards for the airline. Please sign this petition for change so that RyanAir finally acknowledge this issue, change their aggressive seating system and let passengers sit together. 

We accept that in limited circumstances passengers could be split up, but this is beyond a joke!

Daily mail article:

This is for all the families, friends and couples that get split up.


Patrick & all other disgruntled RyanAir passengers

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