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The website ( and the music blogger, the focus of this TV program ( are dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists and, in the process, educating music lovers that they have a choice as to what music they listen to. For 6 Years now, Ryan's Smashing Life has been a tireless cheerleader for emerging arts, music and culture in New England, celebrating worthy artists - not just those aleady commercially known. And it's all done in high spirits and good humor. Education and Fun are the order of the day.

In late 2011, representatives for CBS approached RSL founder Ryan Spaulding to discuss putting him at the helm of his own music-based television program. It was something he had already considered on a community level - and so it seemed a perfect opportunity. And while the local CBS team expressed hope for the series, several executives openly doubted the ability of the project to succeed. Spaulding - who works a professional day job, books music events as a promoter and is the head writer and daily editor & publisher of his website, already appeared to be overwhelmed. And they also wondered if there was even enough new music and quality bands out there to be explored. (This only served to fuel the music blogger's fire; of course. Spaulding knew he would never run out of material and told them so immediately.) And with that, the team set off to capture their footage. After many weeks of fiming at night and on the weekends, the Network doubters were finally proved wrong. The footage - enough for a full season, exposing fans to all kinds of new music , was captured - and it was incredible. Along the way, many bands were turned on to the possibility of this exposure and donated their time, spirit and energy to the production. 

The footage compiled and edited by CBS in Boston has all the permissions and legal approvals needed to proceed. Early discussions slated to have the show run in every community in the New England Market - to potentially hundreds of thousands of homes, with opportunities to expand the coverage area, adjusting content focus, as the show gains viewers and grows more popular!

It's a wonderful show, organic in it's approach, infused with great spirit and humor. It's also of amazing quality. Spaulding, who is a co-producer and co-creator worked with gifted filmmaker Jonathan Case who already has 14 New England Emmy Awards to his credit. Yes, Virginia - we took this really seriously (well, in most regards, as you will see.)  And for music fans, we see this as potentially one of the most addictive upcoming programs.

By helping support this project you will be communicating to the Network and to the World-At-Large that real people are interested and supportive of quality emerging music. This is a show you would want to watch and share with your friends, your family and your neighbors. 



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