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Viridor restore the Wetlands NOW! Find an alternative to the monstrous Incinerator!

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The approval for the incinerator is devastating for local communities that are campaigning tirelessly and have issued a direct legal challenge. If the incinerator is switched on, it will burn rubbish for 24 hours a day for the next 25 years.

The incinerator is being built close to local schools, residents and businesses in the area, and therefore the fumes from burning rubbish will directly affect primary school children, residents, local business and customers to Asda, Sainsbury's, Vue cinema, IKEA, B&Q, Pizza Express, Nando's, Mothercare and many many more. 


  • Climate Change - other than the toxic fumes that this incinerator will create, it does not take into account the constant increased movement of trunks needed to transport waste to feed this enormous incinerator.
  • Rise in air pollution - this is already dangerously high and we know now that this is a serious threat to our health.  We do not want to be buying bottles of clean air.
  • Loss of rare birds & wildlife - this area is special and Viridor are contractually obligated to have restored 6 areas of wetland by 2015, to date only 2 have been restored?? Furthermore Viridor has built a car park on one of the earmarked areas.
  • Does not solve the problem of landfill or waste.  The argument for the incinerator as a solution to waste is very flawed, as the incinerator needs 300,000 tonnes of rubbish to burn each year.  This dis-incentivises the reduction of waste and would suggest that more waste will need to be shipped in from elsewhere, just to feed the incinerator. The ash generated will also be sent to landfill.
  • Developers have too much control.  The developers have assigned their own ecologists to do the research of the site, this is a massive conflict of interest and should be challenged.

The importance of the Wetlands  Source:

Beddington Farmlands is Metropolitan Open Land and a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). It also forms part of the coreland of the Wandle Valley Regional Park so the building of an incinerator on the site will be in conflict with London Plan Policy 7.17, the Core Planning Strategy Policy PMP9 and the current Conservation Management Plan and conditions set out in the 1995 (amended 2005) planning applications. 

Beddington Farmlands is a protected site and forms part of the protective network of habitats across not only London but the whole of the UK.

The State of Nature Report 2013 compiled by an alliance of the UK’s largest conservation organisations concludes that over 60% of the biodiversity of the UK has declined in the last few decades.

Biodiversity is a human quality of life indicator so not only is that a loss for nature but also a loss in the quality of life of the human population. What does remain of biodiversity in the UK has been concentrated in the protected network of reserves and green corridors which stretches across the country. Beddington Farmlands forms part of that protected network and like all the other areas of what remains needs to remain securely protected.



The plans have been a source of huge controversy, particularly since receiving planning permission, firstly from Sutton Council in May 2013, and then from the Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) and the Government later that year.

More than 200 letters of objection and several petitions, including one gathered by Croydon Labour Party, then in opposition, were handed to Sutton Council over the plan.


Here, WALTER CRONXITE uncovers the report which shows that Viridor’s £1bn incinerator was never as good a deal as they told the planning authorities

Sue Riddlestone: BioRegional’s CEO and key witness to Sutton’s incinerator decisions
Individual homes in a Barratt’s housing project could each face additional bills amounting to £10,000 if they are linked to a heating network as proposed by Sutton Council, according to a suppressed official report.

The Liberal Democrat councilors who run Sutton even expect the unfortunate residents of the supposedly ecologically friendly Felnex development to pay for their fuel supplies from the Viridor incinerator under construction at Beddington at a rate seven timesgreater than the council itself pays its energy suppliers.

The incinerator is being built as part of a 25-year deal, worth £1 billion, with the South London Waste Partnership, a body created by Croydon, Sutton, Kingston and Merton councils. Planning permission was granted by Sutton, where the incinerator is sited, only after extensive official lobbying, in which the case was made that rather than just burning rubbish, the Viridor plant would be an “Energy Recovery Facility”, an ecologically friendly marvel that would provide cheap heating for homes in Sutton and Croydon, thus balancing out any environmental damage caused through emissions and pollution.

This is not an effective energy solution and will have a significant negative cost both environmentally and economically.


Air Pollution Concerns

Air pollution in the area is already dangerously high and the incinerator hasn't even been switched on!

Campaign For Air Pollution Public Enquiry of people throughout the UK are dying from Air Pollution confirmed by a recent World Health Organisation report.

The Government and Local Authorities have failed to implement effective Air Quality Strategies and the EU are taking action to fine the UK.

In May 2013 The Supreme Court has declared that the Government is failing in its legal duty to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution.

In London improper and unlawful Air Quality transport policies have failed to reduce harmful emissions and these ineffective policies are replicated nationwide.

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