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Stop Funding The Corporate Thieves

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There are many petitions and campaigns which show that millions of employed, self employed and unemployed (through no fault of their own) people in Britain are fed up with being ripped off by the major corporates in all sectors. 

They provide less than half of the contribution to their local communities than smaller businesses. They often crush small and micro businesses by unfair practices. They often treat their smaller suppliers badly, especially by receiving goods and services and then taking over 60 days to pay for them. This is theft.

They often pay many of their employees below the living wage whilst paying their executives obscene salary and benefits packages. This is theft from the welfare state funds and employer subsidies and training support funds such as apprenticeships. Some of them even rip off huge numbers of their customers through price fixing and unethical policies.

However, they continue to get nearly all the public sector contracts and nearly all the financial support for business from Government.

I started this petition because most people cannot see a way of doing anything about this inequity.

There is a way. Government can use its bargaining power. It can stop giving £millions in contracts or support funding to these large corporates without getting something in return to help small and micro businesses and the employees of these corporates. 

At minimum Government can negotiate that these Corporates, in order to continue to receive government money, must pay ALL their suppliers within 30 days and pay ALL their employees the living wage. 


Employees cannot complain because they need the job and wages and the self employed, micro and small business owners cannot complain because they need the custom and income.

Most campaigns take on a corporate one by one e.g. Amazon and Google on Corporation tax, certain banks for the bale outs, McDonalds and the major supermarkets for the training and employment funding they get from Government and so forth. 

This petition is to any UK Government because in the last 3 government terms these larger corporates have gained £billions of Government funding but the vast majority of UK businesses and employees have received very little in return.

Sometimes a campaign or an inquiry leads to the corporate being fined or paying compensation to their victims. However, this is after the fact - the damage has been done and the corporate often regards the fine or compensation as a cost of doing business.

We can do something about these larger corporates as a group because most of these corporates are in receipt of government (tax payers) money in one way or another.

These corporates - 6-8 dominate each sector - are very powerful and probably will continue to have all Governments, certainly in my lifetime, in their pocket. They pay £millions in tax advisers, lawyers, lobbyists, PR, media advertising and deals to influence the Government to act in the way they want.

Despite the overall number of employees falling in these larger corporates, and the number of self employed increasing, these larger corporates will probably always get the same share of government contracts, funding and support. However, Government can get more for us - ordinary business owners and ordinary employees - in return. It is a matter of contract negotiation.

There is a way Government can enforce fairer trading and better employment practices by many of these large corporates - without legislation. Government can do it through only giving contracts and funding to corporates that play fair with us - ALL their suppliers and ALL their employees.

DON'T LEGISLATE - NEGOTIATE (a better deal on behalf of the majority of businesses and employees in the UK)


95% of all enterprises in the UK - 4.5 million of them - are micro (0-9 employees) yet over 95% of all Government supplier contracts, funding (including employment and training subsidies and grants) and support (including bale outs and tax incentives) goes to a few thousand - a few hundred get the bulk - larger enterprises.


These larger corporates are stealing in 3 ways:

1. Many of these large corporates, in receipt of government contracts, funding and support steal from their suppliers by paying their bills in an average of 68 days - through unfair contract terms and/or late payment.

2. Many of these large corporates, in receipt of government contracts, funding and support, steal from their employees by not paying a living wage and/or unfairly applying part time or zero hour contracts yet paying their executives excessive salary, bonuses and perks packages.

3. Many of these large corporates, in receipt of government contracts, funding and support, steal from individual, business and corporation tax payers by not payng a fair contribution in corporation tax and/or regional/local community levies such as rates. 


Government are asked to either STOP giving money to these corporate thieves or GET A BETTER DEAL on behalf of ALL their suppliers (to the bottom of the supply chain) and ALL their employees:

1. Government should only give contracts or funding or support to companies, of any size, that pay their  suppliers within 30 days, pay their employees the living wage and pay a fair amount in national, regional and local taxation and levies.

2. If after the contract, funding or support has been given the company resorts to the unfair practices above then the funding should be withdrawn and any monies repaid


My petition is important because it creates a fairer enterprise and employment environment for the majority of employees and enterprises in the UK - and it will help local communities to thrive  too.

It will ensure that in return for government funding and contracts more UK employees and the self employed get a better deal in return.

It will enable more micro enterprises (the 95% of all businesses in the UK) to survive and thrive. It will mean fairer wages for millions of employees and will allow local independent enterprising communities to flourish.    


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