Calling for small animal boarding facility regulations and inspections

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I run a successful small animal rescue and boarding facility from my home in Wiltshire (Home From Home: Pet Rescue and Boarding), I am fully insured and do everything in my power to uphold animal welfare standards within my setting.

We have large enclosures for bunnies, daily cleaning routines, daily boredom breaker activities and care for pets to a very high standard.

The problem is, I don't have to do any this. Nobody checks on what I'm doing, nobody checks that I'm doing what I say I'm doing, nobody inspects my hutches, nobody checks im insured. There literally are no regulations in place that small pet boarders have to follow. 

Myself and another established local boarding facility (Little Paws Small Animal Boarding) are becoming increasingly concerned that there are many pet sitting and boarding facilities being set up, some in unsuitable conditions, some with little knowledge, some with welfare standards not being met, others are very good, it needs to be added.

However, we are calling for tougher standards, we would like to see regulation and a rating system like there is for dogs and cats. We would like to see small and caged pets safeguarded in the same way. 

Please sign this petition if you'd like to help our cause in getting this realised and getting more regulated and inspected boarding services for your small pets, and furry family.

We thank you for all your support with this! ♥