Royal Commission Inquiry: Daniel Andrews

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Throughout Andrews' unachievable "elimination" strategy to combat the Corona virus, Victorian's have endured one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the entire world. This currently stands at 7 months of isolation from not only friends and family outside of a 5km radius, but from the rest of Australia. With only 4 reasons to leave our homes and all non-essential businesses forced to close down, Victoria has become the capital of covid deaths, unemployment and an undeniable depression that will follow us for years to come.

Daniel Andrews and his government are solely responsible for the second wave of the Corona virus which hit Victoria in early July 2020. This has resulted in thousands of Victorian's losing their jobs and lives due to the mismanagement and unrivalled corruption during the hotel quarantine process.

A formal inquiry set up by the Premier, costing tax payers $6 million dollars, was concluded silently and with no guilty party. The Premier and his associates who were questioned during the hotel quarantine inquiry (genomically linked to being the sole cause of the second and deadliest wave in Victoria) all lost their memory and quite simply "couldn't recall" any key moments such as who made the call to decline ADF personnel and hire private security guards during the pandemic. In addition to this, no one has been held accountable, which has been a slap in the face to all Victorian's.

It is undeniably obvious, Andrews and his council have manipulated a formal inquiry and, as one, have agreed to deny all wrongdoing and produce an array of dementia like responses in relation to the quarantine operation. As Victorian people, we cannot allow those who we chose as our leaders to get away with criminal offences that would otherwise serve jail time. This is an abuse of power, profuse negligence and an injustice to all Australian's.

This act of corruption hasn't just resulted in 768 deaths covid deaths, but a decline of the entire state economy and the welfare of its residents.

We need an Inquiry from the Royal Commission to hold those accountable and bring justice to all Victorian's.

I ask you to sign this petition and remember that you hold the power.