Keep post-graduate qualifications on the RCVS register

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The RCVS has decided to remove post-nominals from the register of veterinary surgeons, except for the primary degree and F/MRCVS.  This means that vets who have worked hard to gain certificates and diplomas will not be differentiated on the register from those without post-graduate qualifications.  Only vets who hold "Advanced Practitioner" or "Recognised Specialist" status will be distinguished. 

Vets with old-style RCVS certificates can apply for "Advanced Practitioner" status but must complete module A of the certAVP or 100 hours of equivalent CPD (ethics, welfare, health & safety etc) and pay £50 to apply, plus £110 per year to maintain the status.

Retrospective removal of post-nominals devalues the hard work and commitment of vets who have undertaken extra study.  I believe it is unfair of the RCVS to no longer publish these qualifications.  They say the letters are confusing to the general public but they have a good webpage explaining the qualifications for anyone astute enough to look up a vet/practice on the "find a vet" page. It also doesn't provide sufficient reason to remove qualifications which have been hard-earned.

I hope to show the RCVS that many certificate holders and other vets are unhappy with the decision and ask for the issue to be reconsidered.

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