The classic Angry Birds games must return from "testing".

The classic Angry Birds games must return from "testing".

January 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jordan Zucker

Angry Birds has been a franchise I am very fond of ever since I had watched the Angry Birds Rio trailer just after watching the 2011 film that game was based on: Rio. That fondness for the franchise grew even bigger when other franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog (or should I say, the Sonic Multiverse), Iron Maiden, & more have done crossover events with them. And with other games like Angry Birds Star Wars & Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds has been well-known to make games to pay tributes to other franchises such as Star Wars & Transformers.

However, right now, the Angry Birds Franchise is in the midst of a dark, looming era. Ever since July of 2019, all the Classic games have been removed for the App Store. They are...

- Angry Birds (Angry Birds Classic / Angry Birds 1; 10th Anniversary had come; Please add a RESTORE PURCHASES BUTTON, I'd like my GAMES FOR (RED) MIGHTY FEATHERS RED back.)
- Angry Birds (Please update Winter Wonderham so it gets back its ORIGINAL PURPLE-COLORED BACKGROUND & ORIGINAL THEME SONG FROM VERSION 3.1.0)
- Angry Birds Rio (Discontinued)
- Angry Birds Space
- Bad Piggies (RETURNED!)
- Angry Birds Star Wars (Discontinued)
- Angry Birds Star Wars II (Discontinued)
- Angry Birds Go! (MY FAVORITE, and update to TURBO EDITION BUILD)
- Angry Birds Epic (needs SO MANY fixes, detailed later on in this request)

The only Classic games that we have left now are Angry Birds Friends & Angry Birds Transformers.

According to Rovio, the Classic games were removed to undergo "Testing Purposes", which somewhat gives me hope that they may return.

However, the Classic games have not returned to the App Store for over a year & counting. Ever since then, many fans are unleashing negative feedback; most notably, saying things like #BringBack2012.

But I do NOT think that the Classic Games are discontinued. If they were, in app purchases for the app would not be able to work (example: in app purchases for Angry Birds Classic still require password & confirmation); and most of all, the servers for Angry Birds Go! & Angry Birds Epic, would have shut down if they games were discontinued.

But even with this evidence & deduction, as one of the biggest fans of the Angry Birds and all who've collaborated with them lime Rio, Iron Maiden, & even Sonic the Hedgehog & his multiverse, I immensely hope that someday, Rovio does the right thing & bring all the classic Angry Birds apps back, especially with certain games like...

- Angry Birds Classic, which could use a Restore Purchases button so that I can recover my lost limited-time Games for (RED) Mighty Feathers purchase.

- Angry Birds Seasons, which I hope Winter Wonderham gets back its original purple background & theme music from version 3.1.0.

- Angry Birds Go!- My favorite Angry Birds game of all time. And with the Turbo Edition around in the exclusive Hatch service for certain devices, I hope the iOS version of Angry Birds Go! gets updated to the Turbo Edition build, so that players can play the original version Angry Birds Go! again.

- Angry Birds Epic - With all kinds of issues like Arena getting stuck due to no more Class Upgrades; Sfx messed up in maps & in wave battles; the Challenger Spies' class spreading good effects when they're not supposed to; Arena Battles getting stuck & forcing players to abort them; & so much more, Epic is in immense need of fixes.

Most of all, I, myself, have actually been working on a huge dream of mine: a crossover project "Angry Birds Go! DX", along with its DX Files. Angry Birds Go! DX is a dream project of mine & the sequel to Angry Birds Go!, featuring the Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, & major franchises who've collaborated with them; specifically Eddie from Iron Maiden, characters from Rio, & characters from Sonic the Hedgehog's multiverse (Games, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, IDW Sonic Comics, etc.) Ever since 2014, I've been working on my crossover project & its DX files (which comprised of multiple PowerPoint Presentations & Word Documents) for a Half-Decade+ (2014 onwards) & counting. But more importantly, it also details the conecpt of resurrecting deceased characters like Jewel's mother from Rio franchise, and Maria, Molly, Cosmo, & more from the Sonic Multiverse. But even with the complications said to me, I am not willing to give up on my Angry Birds Go! DX crossover project nor its DX Files, no matter what. Even William, Jakub, & Klaudia, three of the Rovio Support members, have wished me luck on my dream projects.

And even with Angry Birds Rio's departure from the Angry Birds series (for now), I am STILL keeping anything from the Rio franchise included in my Angry Birds Go! DX project & its DX Files (as well as any Anniversary presents I am making for Rovio).

But all in all, I hope Rovio does the generous thing (& the right thing, to most fans) by bringing back all the Classic Games back to the app store. If Rovio wants to make all Angry Birds fans young AND old happy, this is what needs to be done.

In addition, this may be a tiny chance, but I also REALLY do hope that Rovio AND the Walt Disney Company can come together & come up with a compromise to bring back the Angry Birds Star Wars games & ESPECIALLY Angry Birds Rio to the App Stores, and allow them to keep thriving for good.

So to all Angry Birds fans, if you don't want this franchise to die, then please sign this petition & tell Rovio that the classic Angry Birds games need to return to the App Store.

But even if you don't want to sign the petition, at least share it, and/or tell Rovio (via Support Page by submitting requests, or by Social Media) that the Classic Angry Birds Games need to return to the app store.

Until then, Angry Birds, Rio, Sonic, Star Wars, Transformers, Iron Maiden, and Omniverse (Infinite Dimensions) forever.

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