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Rooms Of Our Own: Equal Gender Representation in School

Our school has been open for nearly four years now. We have been in a small and temporary building, but this June we are moving into the new school and all students are very excited. The new school is going to have named rooms, and this is where our issue arises. We do believe that names are a completely brilliant idea! However, we want to make sure that women are equally represented. A few token women are not enough. Whilst the sexism isn't blatantly obvious, nor is it purposeful, it's still there. If we can't get the room names altered in time, future students will have the underlying notion that women's achievements are not as important as men's and we cannot let this happen. The Rooms Of Our Own campaign is here to remind students, teachers, and governors that women in history should not be invisible. If young girls are educated in a school that does not give an equal platform to the accomplishments of both genders, how are they going to get the confidence to go out and change the world one day?

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