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Ronald Alvarado, NRCS: Grant easement modification for Wallace Bridge Equestrian Resort!


Wallace Bridge wants to create jobs with its proposed olympic-grade 300-acre equestrian resort in Sheridan, Oregon but the NRCS won't grant an easement modification, even though Wallace Bridge has vowed to double their wildlife reserve land and pay mitigation expenses, taking nothing from taxpayers. Wallace Bridge has offered more than what the NRCS requires for an easement modification yet the NRCS wants to make an example out of Wallace Bridge to keep others from requesting easement modifications - even though it will help Oregon wildlife by gaining land for a reserve that would otherwise become farm land or developments. The Oregon people and the American equestrian riders deserve more! Don't let the NRCS prevent commerce and wildlife protection in Oregon!

This petition was delivered to:
  • State Conservationist, National Resources Conservation Service
    Ronald Alvarado
  • Regional Conservationist, National Resources Conservation Service
    Astor Boozer
  • Legislative Affairs Division Director, National Resources Conservation Service
    Patty Lawrence
  • Deputy Chief For Programs, National Resources Conservation Service
    Tony Kramer
  • USDA Office of the General Council
    Jocelyn Somers
  • Leader For Programs, National Resources Conservation Service
    Loren Unruh
  • Oregon State House
  • Oregon State Senate
  • Oregon Governor

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