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Petitioning State Conservationist, National Resources Conservation Service Ronald Alvarado and 8 others

Ronald Alvarado, NRCS: Grant easement modification for Wallace Bridge Equestrian Resort!


Wallace Bridge wants to create jobs with its proposed olympic-grade 300-acre equestrian resort in Sheridan, Oregon but the NRCS won't grant an easement modification, even though Wallace Bridge has vowed to double their wildlife reserve land and pay mitigation expenses, taking nothing from taxpayers. Wallace Bridge has offered more than what the NRCS requires for an easement modification yet the NRCS wants to make an example out of Wallace Bridge to keep others from requesting easement modifications - even though it will help Oregon wildlife by gaining land for a reserve that would otherwise become farm land or developments. The Oregon people and the American equestrian riders deserve more! Don't let the NRCS prevent commerce and wildlife protection in Oregon!

Letter to
State Conservationist, National Resources Conservation Service Ronald Alvarado
Regional Conservationist, National Resources Conservation Service Astor Boozer
Legislative Affairs Division Director, National Resources Conservation Service Patty Lawrence
and 6 others
Deputy Chief For Programs, National Resources Conservation Service Tony Kramer
USDA Office of the General Council Jocelyn Somers
Leader For Programs, National Resources Conservation Service Loren Unruh
Oregon State House
Oregon State Senate
Oregon Governor
Governor Kitzhaber and Ronald Alvarado,

Support the Wallace Bridge Olympic-grade equestrian resort. Back the efforts to modify the existing conservation easement on land purchased in Sheridan, Oregon and bring hundreds of jobs and hope to the Northwest, as well as an Olympic-grade equestrian training and competition center.

Oregonians love the beautiful land and don’t want it harmed, but modifying this easement will not harm the wildlife, it will only create opportunity. The owner and investor (J.W. Millegan of Carlton LLC and Steve Ward, respectively) have pledged to provide additional measures above and beyond normal circumstantial requirements to ensure wildlife is not harmed. Carlton LLC offers property that is more valuable to the wetland reserve program than the property proposed to be removed from the current easement. The modified WRP will more than double the wetland/riparian acres and more than triple NRCS stream corridor protection within the Wallace Bridge WRP easement. The high standards volunteered for this easement modification will set a high precedence and protect the county from irresponsible developers.

Though Millegan and Ward have submitted factual proof, as requested by Ronald Alvarado at the National Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), demonstrating that the modification will “facilitate the practical administration and management of the easement area and the modification will address a compelling public need and no reasonable alternatives exist that would avoid or minimize impact of the WRP easement area”, Alvarado will not allow change to the easement and no one has seen sufficient reasoning behind this decision. The Oregon people and equestrian riders everywhere deserve better than that.

Millegan and Ward have gone far above the NRCS requests and offered a large portion of land for use as a wildlife refuge in exchange for the easement modification and hired a botanist who identified each of the strains of plant life on the property. They have pledged to pay for the facilitation of the land mitigation and shown studies of the enormous job growth that will come of the resort.

The question is: Since Millegan and Ward have met the requests of the NRCS, then why is the NRCS denying the easement modification? If they had given a real reason as to why they would not allow it, Millegan and Ward would be able to modify their plans to appease the NRCS. The truth is, the NRCS does not want the easement modification to set the tone for other businesses requesting modification.


Rural Oregon has been hit the hardest by the downturn of the economy. The truth is, it wasn’t doing great when the economy elsewhere was. We have watched our towns decline as people leave the state to find work. Unemployment has risen and drug use has crept into our towns.

Wallace Bridge will not only bring hundreds of jobs directly to the Northwest, but indirectly as well, and no taxpayer money will be used in its development. Visitors will frequent the smaller towns in rural Oregon and farmer’s hay crops will sell, land will be rented, wine sales, art sales, local mom and pop stores and restaurant business will sore.

Ronald Alvarado, don’t make an example of hardworking Oregonians and the livelihood of an entire area in the Northwest. Back up the working people of Oregon, their families who can’t live there any longer and the equestrian riders who want to bring business to this state and grant easement modification to J.W. Millegan and Steve Ward for Wallace Bridge Equestrian Resort!

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