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Tell Canadian authorities to stop picking on vegetarian food manufacturers

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I was outraged to learn recently that a product that I love, Field Roast Grain Meat, has been forced off Canadian shelves by the federal government. Even worse, this heavy-handed action was not due to a food safety issue or out of concern for Canadians’ health but is due to outdated regulations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Please sign my petition asking for common sense regulations to be put in place instead of picking on vegetarian food manufacturers.

Despite the fact that Field Roast's main ingredient, vital wheat gluten, has existed as a plant-based meat for centuries, the regulations say that they are making a “simulated meat product” and need to add this language to the front labels.

The company is producing a cholesterol-free, protein-rich vegetarian sausage, deli slices, and other products from wheat, which is notably sourced from Canada.

The government is making this even more difficult by additionally demanding that Field Roast add chemical supplements and vitamins to their products to mimic the profile of animal meats. These requirements also apply to other meat-free brands, forcing Canadians who are seeking to eat a healthy, natural diet, to consume chemical additives that are not present in these products outside of Canada.

The regulations being applied to manufacturers of plant-based products in Canada are deliberately confusing and discriminatory. These regulations are an affront to the individual who does not agree with this standard ethically or nutritionally. Furthermore, these regulations do not reflect modern tastes or science, which hold that a healthy, balanced diet does not require any animal protein at all – there is therefore no reason for meat-free products to be chemically altered to resemble animal products.

CFIA and Health Canada must make changes to these regulations – not only for Field Roast, but for all companies making plant-based products and for all Canadian consumers.

The government agencies should remove the requirement that vegan food products in the plant-based milk and vegan meat categories emulate the nutritional profile of animal products. They should recognize that the words “milk” and “meat” are not solely related to animal foods but can also be applied to other foods such as nuts, grains and legumes.

Eating should be about health and wellness as well as the shared memories with our friends and families around the dinner table. Please sign my petition asking CFIA and Health Canada to change flawed standards for vegetarian meats in Canada.

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