Oregon Congressional Reps: Support the Rights of Rape Survivors

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My name is Brenda Tracy. In 1998 I was drugged and gang-raped by 4 college football players. I promptly reported the rape to police and had a rape kit done. As the victim, I did my part to make sure my attackers were held accountable and I expected those put in charge of my case to do the same. In 1998, I was told that my case would be difficult to prove and that I would have to endure 4 separate trials. Based on the information I was given by the DA, I decided that it was not worth it to pursue criminal charges.

So, like many victims I retreated to a life of shame and silence and I tried to forget what happened to me, but you never forget. It becomes a part of you. For the next 16 years I battled depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts. After an emotional breakdown that threatened to put me in the hospital I decided to speak my truth - publicly. In 2014, my story ran in The Oregonian and after an investigation by reporter John Canzano I found out that not only was I the victim of a gang-rape, but I was also the victim of a broken legal system. A system that is still broken today. The DA lied to me. They had taped confessions from all four men. My rape kit was never tested and it was destroyed, along with the taped confessions, by police 3 years PRIOR to the statute of limitations expiring. I wasn't given a sexual assault counselor so I was never advised of my rights.

The system that was supposed to protect me - didn't. Instead, it protected my rapists and their football careers.

The tragic thing is that my story can happen again today. Survivors of sexual assault have very few rights and even those few rights depend on what state you live in. I will never see justice for the crimes committed against me. The only thing I will ever get is a "sorry" from those that failed me, but it doesn't have to be that way and you can help make sure that other survivors are protected. Please sign this petition and urge Oregons U.S. Senators and Representatives to support The Sexual Assault Survivor Rights Act. Join me in supporting common sense rape survivor rights such as:

The right to be notified of your rights in clear language
The right to a sexual assault counselor
The right to be notified and access information
The right to fair legal procedures

Thank you in advance for your support! By signing this petition you are not only helping sexual assault survivors in Oregon, but also 25 million other survivors across America.

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