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Roblox's New Logo is a No-No.

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On January 10th, 2017 ROBLOX changed their logo to have a "modern" approach. Some call it a big change, some call it a Cheez-It. In my opinion, they are both correct.

What's the new logo? The new logo is now in a "blocky" font with the first "O" being tilted. The favicon (URL picture) was changed from the "R" to the tilted "O". They also decided to get rid of the dash above the "O" too.

What is your goal? My goal is to change the new logo back to the old one. Or at least change the new logo to have the dash above the "O".

Why do you want to do this? I want to change this logo because the old logo is so recognizable and everyone loved it. In fact, it's been used since 2006! I don't think ROBLOX should change it's logo now because everyone is so familiar with the old one. The "O" with the dash over it was also a feature I and many others liked and for that to be taken away in the new logo is a mistake. 

How do I spread the word about this petition? To get more people's attention you should change your ROBLOX character's colors to the noob colors, (yellow head and arms, blue torso, and green legs) use the hashtag #ChangeTheLogoBack in ROBLOX games and on social media, (make sure to tag ROBLOX) and share this petition to your friends. If you have any other ideas on how to get people's attention, try them (as long as their peaceful. Don't send ROBLOX threatening messages or anything like that.).

Who will make the change? I'm thinking that if we get enough people to sign this petition, we can get the ROBLOX developers to notice us. On an article posted by one of the ROBLOX CEOs, it states, "We make an aggressive effort to ship new updates every week, adding continuous improvements and innovations based largely on community feedback. We collect hundreds of community-suggested ideas and then prioritize the most highly-requested projects in our development pipeline. Many of these suggestions come from a thriving community of over 700,000 passionate developers who are communicating with us every day on the forums, on social media, and sometimes in-house at our headquarters." From this quote, we understand that ROBLOX will take our requests. I'm thinking if we can get 10,000 supporters (I know that's a lot) we can probably get ROBLOX's attention.


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