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Make Roblox great again

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Let's face it, the Roblox updates are getting out of hand. The issue is Roblox is unaware of the fact that there is a large demographic of teenagers on Roblox. Although their target audience is children/preteens, that simply isn't the case. While there IS a large group of children/preteens, they aren't the only users of the site. One of the biggest problems on Roblox is the censoring. I can't even use the term "Mental health." It's ridiculous! There are plenty of people who have friends on Roblox who they talk to about these topics and I see no reason why that term should be censored. I think, if a user is over 13 or 14 there should be little to no censor. Maybe very obvious vulgar terms, but leave alone things like "chest," because there is a large roleplay community where that term isn't used in sexual context. 

   Another issue is the hats. I do love the accessory update, I really do, however I hate that I can no longer stack hair. I hate the headband on the Cinnamon air (and the identical models) and I like to stack the 'beautiful hair for beautiful people' over it. I like the nice messy look it gives. I also liked to stack the Mohawks over it as that gives it a nice punk-but-feminine look. Please allow us to stack hair again. Removing this feature did nothing to help. 

   While this is not something I care nearly as much about, I believe we should have a test option for the hats. Some hats do not fit correctly with hair and it's a total bummer when you're excited to buy a hat only to see it doesn't fit correctly. Maybe add a sizing option so we can make it fit? 

   Roblox is a nice game and I thoroughly enjoy playing it, however, some of the updates are a joke to some of us players. We'd appreciate you guys fixing the problems instead of creating new ones.



          Everyone who plays Roblox. 

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