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Revert ROBLOX Back To When It Was Fun

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ROBLOX is an online building-block game from 2006. Since the debut, it has grown very popular, the popularity levels peaking around 2009 - 2010. Many people of all ages enjoyed sharing their creations with others.

Since late 2016 (maybe even earlier, like 2013), numerous unreasonable updates have been applied to the website and game, supposedly to be more kid-safe. These said updates have been launched without user input from the community, which resulted in major backlash towards the staff. Some of the complaints were so intense that simply posting threads about the updates on the forum got accounts suspended.

Some of these updates were as follows:

  • "TIX" removal - this was ROBLOX's 'free' currency, in which a user would earn 10 after he or she logged in each day. The only currency left now is "ROBUX", which is physically impossible to earn for free, as you must purchase them online or with gift cards using real money. Users can get 15 to 60 ROBUX a day by purchasing a premium membership called "Builder's Club", which (surprise, surprise) costs money as well.
  • Overprotective third-party chat filter - before ROBLOX hooked up with Community Sift, a third-party chat protection system, there was a feature called "SuperSafe Chat" which gave the user for whom it was set to a drop-down menu of pre-selected words and phrases. ROBLOX's variant of CS separates users under 13 from over 13 year olds using a blacklist/whitelist method (to put it simple, people under 13 are restricted to a lower vocabulary for safety reasons). With this new chat filter, updated to the point of over-optimization, communicating to other players, even over 13, is almost impossible as everyday words like "my", "the", and "with" being notable examples, turned into pound signs/hashtags (#). ROBLOX acknowledged such behavior from the system, and they simply put it to "not to expect any changes soon", according to an article on their blog/developer forum.
  • Thumbnails on assets - A thumbnail is an image, mostly used in computing. ROBLOX relies heavily on thumbnails, as they can show what a user has created. They used to be 'auto-generated', meaning when you publish your item, it makes the thumbnail for you. In early 2017, however, the staff launched an update that sets all Place (the term used for a user-made game) thumbnails to a pre-set one with the new ROBLOX logo. The reason was to make the website even more kid-safe from inappropriate pictures. This was actually a very contradictory move, as forcing a pre-set thumbnail actually hides whatever vulgar items lurk in the game. It doesn't stop there, though; user-made assets like models are now required to be approved by a moderator before being published, which slows down the whole process of sharing your creation by a long shot.
  • FilteringEnabled - before 2017, games on ROBLOX didn't require this feature. FE is a property in the game settings that prevents exploits and inappropriate content, but it can still be (and has been) bypassed. Any games with FE turned off will be suspended (and the game creator held accountable), which destroys the idea of creativity, because FE is known to break scripts and codes in the game, and not everyone knows how to use it.
  • Avatar body colors - the latest update that is around the corner. Users have the option to customize their avatar to almost anything, including changing the way their 'body' looks, colorwise. ROBLOX is rolling out an update that forces avatars to look 'realistic' (proper skin tones, rather than using a palette of rainbow colors), which again, destroys creativity and imagination, which contradicts the ROBLOX slogan, "Powering Imagination".

ROBLOX is doing these updates because they want to be kid-safe. They're COPPA-compliant, but their behavior makes you think that they're going over their heads. There have been rumors from the community that it was caused by a chain of events from a parent who complained her child was the victim of a predator, but this has yet to be confirmed.

If you sign this petition, there may be a chance to save and restore the glory that 'old' ROBLOX used to have, before these updates rolled out and ruined it. Please sign it so the community (and myself) can enjoy it once again.

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