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Give Carl Grimes Original Story Arc with Negan in Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead

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Scott Gimple, writer and producer of The Walking Dead, told that Carl and Negan’s relationship for season seven would “be very, very, brief” and that “there might be another character involved that takes some of it”.

The goal of this petition is to respectfully let Mr. Gimple and the other showrunners know that we, as a fan base, do not agree with his decision to split Carl’s storyline with another character. Without Carl’s poignant and interesting dynamic with Negan throughout the All Out War comic issues, both characters would be vastly different. If Carl is not able to have a scene similar to that in the comics where he stows away in Negan’s truck, kills Negan’s men, and then is made by Negan to take off his bandage and sing, he will not have the boiling anger and vulnerability needed for future story arcs, ones which solidify him as an anti-hero comic readers have grown to love.

Simultaneously, without this dynamic, Negan’s character will be diluted. Currently there is no other character on The Walking Dead that Negan could befriend which will have the same effect as it does in the comics. Because Negan shows remorse towards his enemy’s son, the viewers are allowed to take a step back and see this soul-mouthed killer not just as a villain, but as a human capable of compassion. This is one of the most horrific things about the man. With any other character (Abraham, Daryl, Enid, Sasha), they are either too old since the impact is greater with someone who is young, or are not as important since Carl is the protagonist’s son. To Rick, he is the symbol of hope. A new era. There is nothing more poetic than Negan, the worst villain The Walking Dead has seen, befriending not only his enemy’s son but his enemy’s source of optimism.

Our goal is not to tell the writers how to write this show. However, our goal is to let AMC and the showrunners be aware of the demand for a good character arc with Carl, something us fans have been dying to see since season four, where afterwards, he has had little to no screen time. Carl Grimes has a fan base. Negan has a fan base. These two characters combined have a huge fan base, and we would like for you, showrunners, to be aware that by belittling this important dynamic, you are also belittling one of the most beloved things about these characters.

Carl Grimes full filled his comic counterpart in the season six finale of The Walking Dead and it would be not only a waste of character and story, but a waste of bringing Carl to his full potential in the first place.

The fans will not be pleased and the show will suffer for it.

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