Can't Stop, Won't Stop:Justice for A'Lexas Patino, woman stabbed to death in her apartment

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The murder of A’Lexas Patino has sparked outrage throughout Riverside County, California.

A’Lexas was a 22 year old woman who was bright, kind, and deeply loved by everybody who knew her. She has been described as someone who always had a smile on her face, and always treated everybody with respect and kindness. A’Lexas worked at Starbucks in San Jacinto for several years, and she had recently been offered a position at the San Jacinto Unified School District. Additionally, she had recently graduated from Mt. San Jacinto Community College with two associates degrees, and she intended to pursue a bachelor’s degree. A’Lexas was accepted to Arizona State University, and she planned on becoming a registered nurse. She had a bright future ahead of her; unfortunately, she was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, and her life ended violently. 

On November 20th, 2017, A’Lexas was found dead in her apartment that she shared with her boyfriend; she had been stabbed in the stomach. Her body was discovered by her boyfriend who allegedly found her that way. The investigation into her murder has been ongoing since then. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has failed A’Lexas and every other woman who has been a victim of domestic violence. They have not exhausted their efforts in investigating her death, and this is ultimately why we have chosen to seek out the assistance of the Riverside District Attorney’s Office.

As a community, we are deeply disturbed and unsettled by the fact the perpetrator has not yet been criminally charged. It has been almost one year since the date of her death, and the police have yet to make an arrest. On the night of her murder, A’Lexas Patino decided she no longer wanted to be with her boyfriend. The next day, she was found dead. This is not a coincidence, and this was certainly not an accident. A’Lexas was killed, and this investigation must be presented to the Riverside District Attorney’s Office. 

 Violence against women is an egregious problem, not just here, but everywhere. As a community, we are determined to ensure that A’Lexas and other victims of domestic violence get the justice they so rightfully deserve. Please sign this petition to urge the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to submit A’Lexas Patino’s case to the Riverside County District Attorney’s office for further review. We have the opportunity to give A’Lexas and her family justice. Sign this petition so we can send a clear message: we will not stand for violence against women, and we will not let A’Lexas Patino’s murder be forgotten.