New starter furlough: Support workers who started their job after 28th Feb 2020

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The recent announcement and clarification of the government grants to help support furloughing works who otherwise would have been laid off as a result of the pandemic has a major oversight in new workers joining the payroll.

The legislation states that workers who started work after the 28th February are not entitled to this funding meaning that their new place of work is not eligible to claim the 80% relief of their salary. 

This is a huge oversight and puts thousands of workers at risk, and stuck in the place of having no income and little to no prospect of getting employment in this current economy.

I left my old job on the 28th February with my first day at the new job being 2nd March. I am now without any form of income. 

We need this amended. Punishing those for bettering themselves by furthering their career and starting a new job is not fair.