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Approve Neveah Wade's disability and check into disabilities that are being denied that are not considered life-threatening

I have a 7year old daughter who keeps getting denied for disability because they claim that her disease is not life threatening.  Neveah has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, which is an autoimmune disease that consists of Lupus (blood), Scleraderma (skin), and polymyosistis (muscle).  She receives a high dose IVIG once a month.  This treatment costs approximately $40,000 a treatment. My daughter has almost died six times since 2011 due to this illness.  Between October 2011 and April 2013, Neveah was hospitalized every two weeks.  My daughter fights for her life on a day to day basis.  She can't attend regular school because her immune system is so compromised that a common cold will kill her. We have been fighting with Social Security since 2011.  They keep denying her benefits, saying that her life-threatening disease is “not severe enough.”  Unfortunately, I can barely hold a job because I have to miss work every time my daughter is ill.  An employer will only tolerate so much of this.  I want to be able to provide for my household, but without her disability benefits, it is nearly impossible. If my daughter were granted disability benefits, I would be able to hire a caregiver to stay with her, giving me the ability to hold a steady job and provide for my family.  We have all heard about individuals who scam the system, those who are unwilling to work for what they have or who are not truly disabled; yet, my daughter, who is most deserving of disability benefits, has been repeatedly denied.  It's sad that Social Security will approve someone that is defrauding the government, but they won't approve a terminally ill 7 year old who so obviously needs the help.   Please sign this petition to get my daughter approved for her disability benefits so that she will have access to what she really needs to help her live a somewhat normal life.
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